Who am I?  I am me.
Calendar Reform - The Kluznickian Calendar
I bought an introduction-to-astronomy book and in the chapter three homework assignment it
said to design your own calendar.  So I did, as you will see.
Evolution History
Brief chronologies of the evolutions of the World and Man are presented.  Also included is a
more detailed family tree of man from bacteria to hominid.
This is a biggie, a big BIG biggie.  Freedom of religion.  Freedom from religion.  Separation
of the church and the state.  Church
VIOLENCE.  Stem cells vs sacred embryos.  And more.
Political Notes &
Things That Bug Me &
Kluznickian Philosophy
CAUTION:  I am a bit opinionated.  Best to check with your doctor before reading this.  
How to Walk .
Everyone knows how to walk, but not everyone does it right.  Learn
how.  Walking with good posture can reduce your pot belly!
I did some research into the etymology of the word diverticulitis and coincidentally
discovered a new species of octopus that is hazardous to divers.  Check it out.
"Sea Horse", my Krogen 39, at East Dunsmuir Island in Sibell Bay in Ladysmith
Harbour on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, Earth.  
Trip Reports
If you like boating trip reports, here are some of mine.
Alaska '99 with photos
Baja '00/'01 with photos
Alaska '02 with photos

Miscellaneous Boating Stuff
Endicot Arm, Alaska
Mendenhaul Glacier, Alaska
Moser Bay, Alaska
If you have positive feedback, contact me at:  Nick@Kluznick.com
If you have negative feedback, contact me at: Spam@Kluznick.com
(Just kidding.  You negative guys can use the first address too.)
Outside of Tracy Arm, Alaska
Notice the tongue of the glacier.
"Sea Horse" in Fjordlands,
BC with me fishing off the
Tuscany, Italy
Even retired people have to take vacations.  Here are some pictures from
a Tuscany trip I took with Cal Alumni in 2005.  
Provence, France, 2004
More vacation pictures.  Most were lost to a virus but
these were banked in a Yahoo picture file.
At a winery outside of Cortona.
On Cours Mirabeau, Aix-en-Provence
Me and my car at Laguna Seca, Turn 8A, May '98
"COYOTE.", my Wylie 34
On top of Mt. Something (Conness?)
Me, somewhere in the Sierras, probably
Sequoia National Park, a long time ago.
The home page of     NICK KLUZNICK
See some of my  favorite recipes.

See some photos from  
Edgewood Park

See How I Became A Gunner In 9 Easy
PCS Big Trip, 1972
In 1972 I went to Evolution Basin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the annul Big Trip of the
Peak Climbing Section of the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.  I took lots of pictures as
you will see.
I dont like our present Tax Rate Schedule!  When I am king, we will go to a smoothly
progressing mathematical curve and a higher flat tax limit.  And other things I would do.
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