1.  San Francisco to La Paz
10 Nov 00 to 29 Nov 00

Hi All,

SF to San Diego was easy, a very pleasant 2.3 day trip.  John Watson then flew back to SF
to be with his honey bunny & Bruce Horowitz & I spent a great week in SD awaiting the next
crew, Gerry Brown, & had a good time – eating out a lot, taking a bus and then a trolley to
the Mexican Consulate for Visas, walking all over hell, mostly up hill, to get a fishing license
for the boats (yes plural) and crew, taking a bus/trolley to Tijuana to get a Mexican Ham
Radio license, back to the Boll Weevil for another hamburger, Osso Buco at Humphreys,
back to the boat to Ctol the cap rail and aft door, another hamburger at the Boll Weevil, two
trips to the dentist, and so it went.  And then Bruce departed and John Watson and Jerry
Brown showed up and did the Visa / fishing license thing.  After loading up with chow and
water we ventured forth at 1500 on 21 Nov 00.  

All went well, for the first few minutes, until I noticed that both of my GPSs were not
working, and Gerry's hand-held didn’t work either. So OK, dead (I hate that term) reckoning
it is.  Then as we entered the ships' channel we encountered a dense fog bank, I mean
DENSE.  So it was radar to the next buoy to identify it and thus find our exact location, and
then radar on out the channel, and dead reckoning thereafter.  Oh my God, dead reckoning
from SD to SF via La Paz, and Santa Rosalia!!!  In a dense fog!!!  After all the smancy
pancy redundant GPS and redundant computer navigation equipment…  Por nada.  But,
after a while, a long while, like off Ensanada, the primary GPS came back to life, wavered a
while, and finally decided to work once again.  The backup was coaxed to life by the old
turn-everything-off-and-then-back-on-again trick.  Thank God.  Back to normal.  A little
green boat to guide me once again.  Phew!!!

The weather FAX worked well except for poor signal strength some times, but it interfered
with little green boat navigation.  I will have to employ my backup computer to do weather
faxes while the main one takes care of the LGB.  Rocky is going to bring down a 6 ft. serial
port computer cable, male on one end and female on the other, to facilitate that.  Thanks

South we went.  Through the night.  The wind started to build and the seas started to rise.  
25 knots with 10 foot seas the next day.  It must have been more that night (couldn’t tell
since the wind machine went kaput once again) for the next morn the deck was littered with
squid, even up on the fly bridge!  Now how do you suppose those little critters got up there?

Then Thanksgiving in Turtle Bay.  We spent the day/night there.  Had braised turkey in a
sauce of chicken stock, red wine, sun dried tomato, onion, garlic and kalamata olives.   Not
bad.  Actually quite good.

On to Mag Bay.  Weather improved but still brisk.  Still no fish.  Stopped in Bahia Santa
Maria instead.  Gerry went swimming.  Had a very relaxing evening.  Bought 4 langosta
(lobster) for a sixpack of Bud Light and 2 Diet Cokes from a panga full of Mexican
fishermen.  We popped them, the langosta, into a big pot of boiling water for a couple six
minutes.  Spent the better part of an hour picking every morsel out of every nook and
cranny.  Bottle of white wine, Chardonnay, Forest Hill. VCR afterwards – “The Cowboy

Took off at first light.  Caught many small Bonita before getting out of the bay.  Threw them
all back.  We didn’t need no steenkin small fish, we would wait for the big fish.  John and I
hooked 2 small billfish, black marlin I think, but they wiggled free before we got them in.  
And finally, another small bonito.  We kept that one, sashimi’d it and devoured it in nothing
flat.  All that was left was a green haze of Wasabi after about 2 minutes.  We were running
low of dinners you see.  Later hooked a Dorado that got away at the last minute.  Not the
greatest fishermen.  

Sunrise at Cabo.  We buzzed the beach but didn’t stop.  On to Los Frailes.  Great lunch at
the inn.  Even went back for dinner.  Much indulgence.  Much revelry.  Mucho gusto.

Next was Ensenada de los Muertos.  Went swimming.  Dident find any dead people.  Ate
Dinty Moors beef stew. Watched a VCR.  

Next day, off Isla Cerralvo, we got a small dorado.  Sashimi for breakfast.  End of that fish.  
Caught another big dorado.  Now we were in hog heaven.  Filleted it and stashed it in the
frig.  Had it for dinner the next night .  Had The Dock, at the Marina de La Paz, cook and
serve it to us.  Not too shabby. Yes, we made it to La Paz and are alive and well in the

For the next several weeks the best way to get a message to me is to FAX it to the Marina
de La Paz, hold for Sea Horse, at 011 52 112 55900.  SSB radio propagation has been
lousy so far so there hasent been much radio communication.  For those coming to La Paz,
the VHF radio is on the east side of the marina courtyard, at the Club Cruceros de La Paz
clubhouse outside wall.  Call me on channel 22 and I will come and get you.  

Well that’s all for now.  See you subsequently.  

Hasta mannana,
Baja '00/'01
Bruce Horowitz
John Watson
1.5.  San Diego to La Paz
Who's On Watch?
Gerry Brown
El Dorados
Cabo San Lucas
Sunset at Marina de la Paz