2.  Nanaimo to Petersburg

11 July 99

Well, here we are entering the waters of Wrangle, Alaska.  All has gone well.  The scenery
has been spectacular.  The crew a delight.

Nanaimo to Campbell River, Port Hardy, Prince Rupert, Ketchikan, and now Wrangle, with a
few more little towns and anchorages thrown in.

The Fjordland Recreational Area was fantastic.  Deep fjords.  Long cascading water falls.  
Peaceful little nooks to anchor in.

The sailing has been easy.  No big winds or waves for the entire trip, so far.  But I know
Aeolious and Neptune are waiting.  They will get their due.  Sometime.

Wrangle wasn't much so we up and left.  Went through the Wrangle Narrows to Petersburg,
in the rain and fog.  Radar is nice.  The little green boat in my nav program is nice too.  It
shows you where you are every step of the way.  In fact it is so nice that I couldn’t stand the
thought of being without it in the event of a computer failure, so I broke down and bought
another laptop as a back-up.


Bob Gardner
2. Alaska '99
Tom Sramic and Bob Gardner