3. Prince Rupert to Juneau
5 July 02 to 19 July 02

Dick Sponholz was suppose to call me on my cell phone when he arrived in Prince Rupert
but I received no call.  I later found out that my cell phone, AT&T, does not work in PR!  He
called the harbour master and left 2 messages for me but neither got delivered.  Finally, at
the suggestion of Bob Stitt, I called around 8 hotels/motels before I found him.  The next
morning he hopped aboard and off we went to meet Bruce Horowitz in Ketchikan, via
Tongas I Cove in the SE corner of Alaska.  Sunshine at last.  Saw about 500 gill netters
along the way.  75 were on the radar screen at the same time, all within a 2 nm radius.  Dick
caught 6 rockfish.  Dident have breadcrumbs so Dick used pancake batter to cook them.  
Necessity is a mother.

Ketchikan.  Bright sun.  No clouds.  No jacket.  Toured red light district.  Dident see a one.  
Prime rib at the “historic 1920s Gilmore Hotel”.  Breakfast at the yacht club.  Bruce Horowitz
arrived at 1400 Sun 7 July.  Departed for Winstanley I by Shoalwater Pass in the Behm
Canal by Revillagigedo I in Misty Fiords National Monument and tied up to the Forest
Service mooring ball.  What a great place.  Magnifique. Pictures all around.  5 crabs.
Bruce and Dick at Winstanley
Yes Bay, bedroom #1.  Crowded but very snug and secure.  Deep and narrow.  For the first
time in my life I did a fast drop (of the anchor and chain) and then – dident stretch it out and
set it.  There was a heap of 250 ft. of chain sitting on top of my anchor, straight down from
the bow.  That was all it took.
Moser Bay
Dick Sponholz
Bruce Horowitz
Three foot beam seas (no Naiads) the next day in Clarence Straight headed for Meyers
Chuck (a chuck is a cove with 2 enterences).  With a name like that we had to stop and
check it out.  Government dock.  New houses, old houses.  Some nice, some really run
down.  Quaint, a little on the shabby side.  A small foot path for a main drag.  But no bears.  
Caught a monster star fish.  No crabs.  Going out in low tide the next day was like traveling
a deep gorge with Nav aids perched high up on the peaks and ridges.
Anan was next.  2 bears; 1,000,000 salmon.  Bruce and Dick went to the bear blind first
while I stayed behind to take care of the boat.  Had to talk to myself on the trail to alert the
bears of my presence.  Very difficult.  Not being a conversationalist, I dident know what to
say to myself.  Then on to Berg Bay in Blake Channel for the night.  Eaten alive by gnats
while stowing the dink.
Bear 1 of 2
On the trail at Anan
Wrangell.  Great pizza and beer with our newfound best friends the Whatsernames.  Sponie
left.  A great chef.  Great fisherman.  Lucky at cards.  He brought the sunshine with him (2
weeks of rain previously) and when he left it started to rain again.  Honest.  Bruce snagged
a 10$ salmon.  Kitty Horowitz arrived.
Kitty and Bruce
Petersberg – Expected a quaint Nordic village but got regular old houses with one or two
Nordic flags.  Walked the whole town, both streets.  

Ruth Island in Thomas Bay in Fredrick Sound - Saw Baird Glacier, Scenery Cove,
Patterson Glacier.  Quite nice.  7 female crabs, 0 males.
Thomas Bay in Fredrick Sound
Sanford Cove in Endicott Arm
Entrance Island, Hobart Bay -  Dropped the crab trap and tied up at government dock.  Had
the bay all to ourselves.  No crabs.

Sanford Cove, Endicott Arm -  Plumbed the whole cove.  Stopped at the chart designated
anchor.  Drug the Max.  Set the Spade.  Saw a Humpback.  Named him Quasimodo.  Cold
as hell, ie Dante's hell.
More of Sanford Cove
Juneau – No luck in getting the Naiads or Vacuflush fixed.  Did wash, shopping, dining.  Kitty
left and Marv Fleming arrived.


1,000,000 Salmon
On the way to Moser Bay we spotted rocky bottom in 20 fathoms off Escape Pt. on
Revillagigedo, and stopped to do some rock fishing.  Dick S. caught 15 fish.  Had a triple
hook-up.  11 for us and 4 for Edger the Eagle.  Moser Bay was a small, secure cove with a
minivillage all around.  Once again I dropped a pile of chain on top of the anchor and called
it quits.

Alaska '02