5. Sitka to Craig
27 July 02 to 2 Aug 02

Bruce Horowitz departed and Mary Ann Fleming came aboard and we left for Appleton Bay
again.  Stopped in a nice eddy in Fish Bay to await the slack at Surgius Narrows.  Marv
caught 3 rock fish.  The next day we espied a huge waterfall a long way off.  We stopped in
its cove for some unneeded R&R.  Fished for rock fish.  Zip.  Fished for salmon.  One Pink.  
Stopped at Red Bluff Bay.  Excellent.  10 waterfalls in view.  7 other boats.  Crab cocktail.  
Marv and Mary Ann
Port Armstrong – Now a fish hatchery.  They have a net across the mouth of the bay.  Had
to wait an hour to get in.  Beautiful.  Sunshine.  BBQ salmon.  Tour of the hatchery.  
Possibly the key to the future success of the Alaska fishery.  (Long story.)
In Chatham Straight
Near Port Armstrong
Departed Baranof Island for Hole In The Wall on Kupreanof Island.  A really tall and narrow
inlet to a small cove.  GPS stopped working (no reception) at the critical juncture of the
inlet.  Little green boat stalled but eyeballs prevailed.  Little Black bear reception committee.
Before entering the hole we saw several whales.  We stopped the engine and sat in the
bow of the boat and listened to the whales.  It was amazing.  We could hear whales blowing
all around us but most were so far away that we could not see them.  Eerie.   
Inside of Hole In The Wall
Departing through Hole In The Wall
Dense fog the next day until the entrance of Dry Pass.  Good thing it lifted inshore or we
would be there unknown hours until it did.  Later met a shrimper, Miss Teal, and traded a
piece of salmon for a bag of Spotted shrimp.  Big, plump, primo.  Stopped in Kahli Cove.  That’
s one place you need a detailed chart and a good depth sounder.  Don’t leave home without
one.  The TV crashed during The Perfect Storm.  And yet another casulty of that storm.

Craig – Ruth Ann’s for dinner.  Before the salad was served, Marv got a stomic ache and left
for the boat.  When Mary Ann and I got there Marv also had aches in his legs.  Not knowing
what else to expect, I went around gathering up stomic medicines from the other boaters.  
Then I went to town to find a phone book to record numbers for a taxi, clinic, police, and the
EMU to have in hand in case we needed them in the middle of the night. Two phone booths,
zero phone books.  Found a guy around the corner at his shop and borrowed his book.  
Talked to his guest who told me that the Craig clinic only works 8 to 5, but she knew that the
clinic in Klawock would respond at night.  All we had to do was call their # and leave a
message and a number.  They would call back etc.  Then we talked about cell phones and
area codes, and about waiting in a phone booth for a call back, etc. and the guy says not to
worry, he will leave his door unlocked so that I could get in and use his phone if need be.  
Alaskans are friendly people.  

Marv felt great the next morning and he and Mary Ann departed about 0530.   


Falls on Baranof Is.

Alaska '02