From The Log of the Sea Horse

8. Vancouver to San Francisco
24 Aug 02 to 6 Sep 02

Departed Vancouver at 0630 and got to Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes at 1530.

Did some periodic maintenance.  Did laundry.  Fueled.  Had the Naiad man come and
change the cooked seals (1360$).  Had the head man, Vacuflush, come and eliminate many
of the possible problems by replacing several things (pressure switch, check valves).  He
improved it some and made it worse some.  But it only cost me 365$.  He said: a) do not
use “409” etc. or a hydrocarbon to clean the toilet, use Joy or the like, & b) pour a quart of
vinegar in the bowl, flush it and leave it sit overnight.  Do this once a week to once a month
to eliminate the calcium crud that builds up otherwise.  

Went to Hunters Bay, one of my favorite places.  Water pump leaked around the
diaphragm.  Replaced it 3 times – twice with a left over one and once with a new one.  .  
BBQd steak, broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms.  Red wine. Great PM.  
At Hunters Bay
At Hunters Bay
Did more periodic maintenance.  Read a book, “Kilo” @ Patrick Robinson.  Good book but
too long.  Had dinner with Dean and Katie Mosier, the Krogen dealer in Seattle.  Real nice
people.  Real nice dinner.

Back to Cap Sante.  Bought 5 more fuel filters while waiting for Gerry Brown and Steve
Yanaga.  Departed for SF at 2000 on 9-1-02.  Dense layer of clouds.  No moon.  No Stars.  
Pitch black.  Again.  Like 3 years ago.  35 knots from the SW where the St of Georgia meets
the St of San Juan de Fuca.  Made it to Neah Bay by sun up.  25 knots from the SW! after
rounding Cape Flattery.  Short choppy seas.  5.3 knots SOG.  Long day.  But it finally
started to ease off until by 1500 we had sunshine and light winds, and big west swells.  
Naiads did good.  
The next couple of days were delightful.  Light
winds.  Rolly W swells.  Sunshine.  Fog.  
Sometimes both.  Racor selector valve broke but
was able to get by as is.  BBQd two nights – steak
then chicken.  Very few other boats.  Lots of
dolphins.  Lots of whales, both Grays and Humpies.  
Cape Mendocino and Blanco were calm!  NW winds
from 15 to 25 knots from Point Arena to CPYC.  
Arrived at CPYC at 0250 on 9-6-02.  (4 days and 7
hours from Anacortes to CPYC).  Have you ever
entered the CPYC channel in totally dark black sky
conditions?  No moon, not even stars.  Nothing.  It is
challenging.  Used the little green boat.  Used the
radar.  Used the range markers.  Used a man port
and starboard to look for the turning point between
the rocks.  Do not try this at home.
So once again the PNW proved to be a cruisers paradise.  I can’t imagine a more beautiful
cruising ground.  About 1000 nm from Puget Sound to Glacier Bay is breath taking.  Fiords,
deep waterways, vertical islands, steep rocky shores, dense forests of evergreen trees, snow
capped mountains, glaciers, both tidal and inland, icebergs, waterfalls all over the place,
sometimes strong winds but yet quiet anchorages are abundant, big tides, big currents, big
hearted people, considerate bears, teeming wildlife…  So there’s a lot of rain and fog, us
power boaters scoff at such things, after all, we have ‘pleasure’ boats equipped with all of the
appropriate accoutrements to remain safe, warm and dry.  However, this year has had more
rain, fog and gales then 3 years ago.  But then things have gone our way, mostly, so to speak  
– SW gales when we were going north, NW gales when we were going south, short choppy
head seas balanced by calm seas and bright sunshine.  

So now I have 2153 hours on the engine.  That’s about 16 to 17 thousand nautical miles.  
Who would of thought the shy tall skinny kid from Philadelphia would go so far?

It has been great.  Magnificent.  My eternal gratitude to all of the people who have shared this
cruise with me and thus made it possible.  Thanks a lot you all.  

Life is good,


Alaska '02