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Boat Clock Design
23 Mar 01

    Boat Clock

  • 3 Time zones (Local, Home, Zulu) (At least two.)
  • Day and date
  • Count-down timer
  • Count-up timer
  • Watch keeper’s Count-down timer / alarm; w optional external alarm bell; loud
  • Tide clock?
  • Five alarms (e.g. Wfax at 0610,1230, 1825, 2400 & Monana Net at 0900)
  • Ships bells  (for watch keepers and aficionados); w mechanical bell
  • Night lighting with dimmer
  • Tone volume control
  • Tone frequency control?  (To be different from other instruments.)
  • Standard / daylight savings time designation
  • Easy standard / daylight savings time manual (or auto?) setting
  • Easy time zone offset setting
  • Leap year auto correction
  • GPS or radio interface to auto calibrate Zulu time, and for DST and leap year
  • Dateline auto correction?

Buttons –
  • Power – On (with light off), Light On (Bright, Dim, Dimmer, Dimmest, Off), and Off.
  • Zone – Local, Home, Zulu, Tide Clock
  • Select – Timer, Alarm, Time Set, Zone Offset, Tide Set, Ships Bells, Clock Period, DST
    (daylight savings time), Tone Volume, and Tone Frequency.
  • Reset – Press and release to: reset the timer to zero (hours, minutes and seconds), turn
    the alarm beeper off and rearm the alarm, set the seconds to zero when adjusting the
    clock time, toggle the tide period, toggle the clock period, sample the tone volume, or
    sample the tone frequency.
  • Fwd. (Up) – Tap for a one minute increment or hold down to scroll minutes/hours.
  • Back (Down) - Tap for a one minute decrement or hold down to scroll minutes/hours.
  • On/Off – Toggles selected item between On and Off

  1. Power – Tap the Power button one or more times to turn the unit on and set the
    brightness.  When toggled to the Off position, the audio, timers, display? and back
    lighting will be turned off.  Alternatively, the Power button can be held down for 2
    seconds to turn the unit Off.  Holding it down for 15 seconds will turn off all power.
  2. Zone – Tap the Zone button to select the desired time zone or the tide clock.
  3. Down Timer – Set the Select button to “Timer”.  Press the Reset button to zero the
    timer.  Hold the Down button to get the desire starting time (adjusts minutes and hours
    only).  Press the On/Off button to start it.  The display will stay on the timer unless you
    reselect the zone.  When the time gets to zero 5 beeps will sound and the counter will
    then count up until you press the On/Off button to stop it.
  4. Up Timer – Similar to Down Timer except start it at zero.
  5. Alarm  - Set the Zone as desired.  Tap the Select button until you get “Alarm”.  Select
    Alarm 1 thru Alarm 5 by tapping the Reset button.  Hold the Up or Down button to get
    the desired time.  Tap the On/Off button to activate. The display will revert to the time
    zone.   When the alarm goes off, tap the Reset button to turn off the beeper.
  6. Time Set – First select the Zulu time zone and then tap the Select button to arrive at
    “Time Set”.  When the seconds portion of the GPS or WWV time read zero, press the
    Reset button to zero the seconds in the KC  display.  Next, use either the Up or Down
    button to adjust the hours and minutes to be the same as the GPS or WWV time.  Then
    toggle the Zone button to Local and keep the Select button at “Time Set” and, using the
    Up and Down buttons, enter in the time zone offset between Zulu and Local time.  
    Likewise for the Home time zone.
  7. Tide Set – Select “Tide Set” by tapping the Select button.  Tap the Reset button to
    toggle to the appropriate tide period (e.g. ~12 hours).  Look up the next low tide at your
    destination, in a tide table book, and use the Up or Down buttons to set that time.  This
    function could alternatively be used for currents.  
  8. Ships Bells – Tap the Select button to get to “Ship’s Bells”.  Tap the On/Off button to
  9. Clock Period – Tap the Select button to get “Clock Period”.  Tap the Reset button to
    toggle between 12 hours (AM/PM) and 24 hours (military time). (Or just use 24 hr time
    and eliminate the selection?)
  10. DST – Tap the Select button to get DST.  Tap the On/Off button to On to get a +1 hour
    offset to the Home and Local times to get daylight saving time.  Tapping the On/Off
    button to Off removes the 1 hour offset to restore standard time.
  11. Tone Volume – Set the Select button to Tone Volume.  Tap the Up or Down buttons to
    set the volume.  Tap the Reset button to hear a sample of the set volume.
  12. Tone Frequency - Set the Select button to Tone Frequency.  Tap the Up or Down
    buttons to set the frequency.  Tap the Reset button to hear a sample of the set

  • As appropriate.  
  • Maximize the size of the time display, especially the hours and minutes.
  • Titles for the Tide Clock – “Time to high tide”;  “Time after high tide”; “Time to low
    tide”;  “Time after low tide”.

When the Power button is toggled to Off, the audio, timers, and lighting have to be shut
down but the clocks must be kept running and all settings retained. The display can be shut
down too if that will save any significant power.  There probably should be a way to turn off
all power (and lose all memory?) to accommodate a boat in storage - Hold down the Power
button for 15 seconds.
with graphics.
MS Word doc.
p.s., 2 Dec 06 - I submitted this design to Raytheon and got no response.  If anyone wants to
pursue this design, be my guest.  Its yours.  Take it and run with it.  
Good luck.
Contact me at - Nick@Kluznick.com