Engine Room Inspections

1.  Fire.
2.  Sparks.
3.  Smoke:
    a) exhaust fumes from: blow-by? rusted out exhaust elbow? a leak in exhaust line?
    b)  wiring;
    c)  overheating of a unit.
4.  Ozone.
5.  Leaks/spray:
    a)  oil system,
    b)  fuel system,
    c)  water system,
    d)  shaft gland,
    e)  hull.
    f)  bilge water level
    g)  bilge pump operability
6.  Excessive Vibration:
    a)  prop shaft, due to loose flange bolts,
    b)  external oil filter, fuel filters, DeBug unit, anything else, due to loose mounting bolts,
    c)  loose wiring,
    d)  loose tubing,
    e)  broken engine mount.
7.  Alternator:
    a)  Overheating
    b)  Belt tension
    c) excessive wear
8.  Racor Fuel filter:
    a)  vacuum gauge.
    b)  Fuel filter bowl water level.