Edgewood Park
These pictures were taken in Edgewood park on the morning of 2011-6-17 @ Brian Trankle and I.  

We hit the jackpot for wild flowers.  

The Ridgeview Loop Trail is now my most favorite hike.  But beware!  The trailhead is almost impossible to
find.  Even if you have a map or even a GPS.  Your best bet is to first propitiate the entrance gate god -
Portal.  Tequila works best.  Then you must ingratiate yourself with me; Martinis work best.  I will then be
happy to show you the way, provided you are up for a 2 mile hike with an elevation gain of almost  200
feet.  This hike is not for everyone at Channing House.  

Here are some more Edgewood pictures taken on 2011-6-19.
At the trail head.