3.  The Gods and Religions of Planet Earth  

3A.  The Gods of the Ancient Earthlings

But first -  Does God really exist?  Is he alive today?  
"God is everywhere."  Yet no one can see him.  Therefore, God is invisible.  And he may be deaf,
dumb, blind, and/or indifferent too.  Maybe he/she/they/it  doesn't even exist.  Who knows?
can you tell?

God exists only in the mind of man; his existence is not detectable anywhere
.   Therefore God is imaginary, i.e. a work of fiction.  QED.  Yes, it is just that simple.  

In other words, since God is undetectable, nobody knows for sure if he really exists, or exactly
where he is located.  All we can do is imagine that he exists, in some form, somewhere.  Therefore,
God and his Heaven are imaginary.  There is no wiggle room here, all of the gods are imaginary.  
The same can be said for the entire supernatural.
It really is, just that simple.  All gods, and all of the rest of the supernatural, are imaginary.  
And if gods are imaginary then their religions and holy books are irrelevant.  All of the gods are

Ancient earth men, from all over the world, for more then 300 thousand years, have created
numerous imaginary gods, thousands, and have created the religions to organize everyone's
worship of them, and to aggrandize the priests.  Considering the large number of mythical gods and
their religions, the words of the Earth's ancient holy men are untrustworthy.  Another thing to
consider - Genesis says that Adam and Eve had 3 sons: Cain, Abel, and Seth.  So who did these
sons marry?  How did the human population expand?   
    More about ancient Earth men, in a minute.  More about the other billion trillion planets in our
    universe, later on.

There are 2 kinds of things in the world - real things and imaginary things.  There would be a 3rd
category for supernatural things (things that supposedly exist but defy the laws of physics) if it could
be proven that they exist and have supernatural powers or properties.  However, such proof has
never been forthcoming.  And if you cannot prove that supernatural entities exist and have
supernatural powers, then you can only imagine that they do, and therefore they are imaginary.  A
simple, logical, and inescapable conclusion.  Therefore, there exists only 2 kinds of things in the
world - real and imaginary, and
all supernatural entities are a part of the imaginary.  

Real things are physically detectable.  They:
  • obey the laws of physics,
  • have a physical presence, at this time,
  • afford evidential proof of their existence,
  • are not real until proven to be real.  
Everything else is imaginary - suspicions, theories, assumptions, guesses, fiction, myths, miracles,
lies, and
all things imagined to be supernatural.

For us to know that God exists, he must be physically detectable.  Otherwise, it cannot be proven
that he exists.  And until it is proven that he exists, he must remain imaginary.  All imaginary things
remain imaginary unless and until they are proven to exist.  And, all imaginary things come from the
mind of man.

So,   God   is   imaginary   !
All  gods  are  imaginary  !  
All of the supernatural is imaginary, works of fiction created by ancient men of
planet Earth !!!
Without exception.  Ancient earthling fiction.  
(Those gosh darn ancient Earth men...)

We could stop here, for what more needs to be said about God?   
Much more.  Gods and religions stir deep emotions that have long haunted the minds of Earth men.  
Since gods are imaginary, religions are bogus, i.e. they have no legitimacy, but they still have a big
impact on all people on this planet.  Gods and religions require a more thorough exposition.  And
religions need to be replaced with something more constructive - the Golden Rule makes more
So, to continue with The Gods of The Ancient Earthlings -

Man must have an explanation for everything, like creation, and in the absence of factual
knowledge, he will fill the void with imagination, such as -  
mythical Earth gods (throughout the world
and throughout all time there have been many thousands: sun, moon, rain, thunder, fire, wind, sea,
father, mother, Vishnu, Nanook, Jupiter, Zeus, Ra, etc.);  
creation myths (6 days to create an earth-
centric universe, and a human species without progenitors, Odin and Ymir, a flat world balanced on
the back of a turtle, etc.);  
afterlife myths (Heaven, Hell, angles, devils, demons, Valhalla, Nirvana,
reincarnation,  etc.) ...  
Ancient men were prolific creators of gods and myths.
Modern men do not go around creating gods or myths anymore.  
It has become popular to believe that there is only one god - the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  What?

Ancient men were more naive and gullible then modern men because their body of
knowledge was much smaller and less diverse, as evidenced by the above myths.  
Modern science did not start until the birth of Galileo in 1564 (or maybe Copernicus in 1473), so
ancient men did not know about or understand comets, asteroids, planets, moons, stars, galaxies,
nebulae, nor the vastness and the age of the universe.  They didn't even know there was a universe
with an
enormous number of galaxies, stars and planets.  Their "universe" consisted of just one flat
World with an imaginary Heaven above and an imaginary Hell below; how vastly different from the
truth.  They didn't know the cause of fog, clouds, rain, rainbows, lightning, thunder, fire, tornadoes,
earthquakes, tidal waves, whirlpools, volcanoes, the phases of the moon, eclipses...  They did not
know about the evolution of the universe, or earth, or the evolution of life on earth.  Their myths and
scriptures reflect this ignorance.  
Ancient humans were ignorant of cosmic and human evolution for over 300 (maybe up to 400)
thousand years.  It is no wonder that they resorted to myths to explain the unknown.  
Thank god for math and science.

All of the many gods of planet Earth were invented by ancient people of planet Earth (while
sitting around camp fires), sometimes after having a dream, or smoking weed, or eating magic
mushrooms, or drinking a witch's brew or a brewer's brew...
The religions were invented by ancient men (while sitting around camp fires).
Hinduism, the oldest religion of all world religions, started sometime between 10,000 BC and 4,000
BC, and grew out of the folklore of ancient man.  
No doubt tribal Witch Doctors throughout the world had been inventing gods long before that.
Ancient men have had a very, very long tradition of believing in supernatural gods and other
supernatural beings and places.  Millennium upon millennium...  Over 300,000 years.
Judaism grew out of the folklore of ancient man.  Abraham started monotheism when he founded the
Jewish/Christion/Muslem father god.  He was born in 2018 BC, (that is over 300,000 years after the
occurrence of the first human being, and 13.8 billion years after the start of our universe).  After
hundreds of years of oral tradition (folklore), the Torah was finally written down over the years from
about 1450 BC to 450 BC by a long succession of imaginary god inspired (IGI) ancient men,
including Moses (1393 - 1273 BC = 120 year lifespan?).
The ten commandments were carved in stone by an IGI man. Of course imaginary beings cannot
carve stone.  Ergo, Moses was a mason, and an IGI liar.  So the Torah lies.  (Furthermore, tradition
credits Moses-the-liar as the author of Genesis, as well as Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and most of
Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was an ancient man born
in Nepal in about 500 BC.
Jesus, born on day zero of the year 0 AD "of course", was an ancient mortal man who died on the
cross.  And he allegedly was the son of God the Father.  But, "there is only one god"?  And if God is
a god, then Jesus cannot be a god.  So then, Jesus was just an ordinary mortal.  (And since an
imaginary god cannot have a mortal son, I would guess that Mary and Joseph had premarital sex
and ...)
The New Testament was written by some of the apostles and some other IGI ancient men, long after
the death of Jesus (about 50 to 96 AD), but later revised by IGI men, and some gospels were even
expunged by IGI men.  The imaginary god should make up his mind.  
Why didn't Jesus write the bible?  He should have written a "perfect" bible, flawless in every way,
and with holygraphic pictures. And he might have told us the real date of his birth.  
And why didn't the bible mention that the universe was 13.8 billion years old, and that earth was
4.54 billion years old, and that the earth was round, and that it revolves around the sun, and that
man evolved from bacteria over the course of billions of years?      Why    is    the    Old Testament    
wrong    about    creation?    And    why    didn't    the    Bible    correct    the    Old Testament?     I
think you already know why - None of the IGI ancient men knew about the lengthy evolution of the
universe and the lengthy evolution of mankind and, therefore, neither did their imaginary gods.  Of
course a real god would have known.
The Koran was written by Mohammed (570 - 633 AD), a Dark Age man.
The operative word here is
The things that you ascribe to God were "told" to you by ignorant, superstitious, IGI
ancient men, or
your own imagination, and not by any living supernatural being.  That's because there are no living
supernatural beings.  (There are probably no dead supernatural beings either.)  

God is a guess.  
The existence of God is a matter of opinion, not fact, and your opinion is just as valid as anyone
else's, including all of the clergy of all of the churches in all of the world.  Don't let anyone tell you
what to think about God.  Nobody knows God.  Nobody knows the mind of God.  All anyone can tell
you about God is what
they think (imagine), or what they were told to think, or what they read in an
ancient book written by IGI ancient men.  Do your own thinking.  "Thats why God gave you

God did not write the Bible, IGI ancient men wrote the Bible.  These IGI ancient men wrote about
a man named Jesus doing miracles.  But miracles are supernatural - they are no more real than
imaginary gods.  So Jesus was a mortal man who died on the cross and his miracles were man
made myths, in this case - lies.  So the bible lies.
    If Jesus could do miracles then why did he allow himself to be crucified?  Suicide?  
    His death proved him to be mortal.  His resurrection is questionable.   An empty tomb does not
    a resurrection make.  
Furthermore, science has debunked the Torah/Bible regarding the formation and age of the
universe, the world, and man; and the evolution of all life on earth.  And the flatness of Earth and
then the geocentricity of the universe that was assumed by ancient men and later adopted as
dogma by ancient priests.  
    (Galileo was convicted of heresy in 1633 AD for saying that the Earth revolved around the
    Sun.  Thats what religion in government does for you.  Inquisitions and burning witches and
    heretics at the stake are other examples.  And then there are the crusades and the "holy" wars.)
Re creation, the only things we know for sure are: a) we do not know how or why the universe
began, but b) it was not as stated in the Torah or any other Holy Book.  
Therefore, the Torah and Bible are not reliable sources of information.  
Dreams, visions, and apparitions are not reliable sources of information.
Altered states of consciousness and hallucinations are not reliable sources of information.
Information acquired by the scientific method (like the Earth revolving around the Sun) is much more

The only people who have any chance of ever finding out anything about God are the scientists, as
they are the only ones who study the works of God.  Clergy just study the works of man, like the
myths and lies of the ancient Torah and Bible, and the writings of other theologians.

Faith is belief in something for which there is no evidence, something unprovable.
In other words, faith is a guess.  
Faith is belief in the invisible, the undetectable, the imaginary.  In order to have faith, you must use
your imagination.
Faith is not knowledge.  Faith is not fact.  Faith is not truth.  
Faith is nothing more than an unsub-
stantiated belief
(suspicion, superstition, assumption, guess, theory, custom, habit, tradition, ...).
Religion requires faith, and faith requires imagination, and belief in the imaginary.  And, when it
comes to religion, then skepticism, doubt, logic, reason, investigation, examination, and experimen-
tation are all anathemas.  
"You must have faith, you must believe in the invisible, undetectable, imaginary god,
or else your
imaginary soul will go to the imaginary hell."  What a crock.

You cannot physically detect supernatural beings or things; you can only imagine them.  
Thats what makes them imaginary.  
The entire length and breadth of the supernatural is a construction of ancient human imagination -  
gods, angles, devils, demons, heaven, hell, limbo, purgatory, miracles, immaculate conceptions,
resurrections, ascensions, holy trinities, omnipotence, omnipresence, eternal life, infallibility,
invisibility, all knowing, all seeing, all hearing, souls, spirits, ghosts, ghouls, ...
None of it is real.  All of it is either fiction or lies.  Made up by ancient men of planet Earth.
Do you ever wonder why
all of the supernatural is invisible?  Its because all of it is imaginary!
Do you ever wonder why God doesn't make appearances?  Its because he is imaginary!
Do you ever wonder why God doesn't answer your prayers?  Its because he is imaginary!
Do you ever wonder why God is indifferent to mankind?  Its because he is imaginary!
Do you ever wonder why God did not strike down Hitler?  Or Genghis Khan?  Or ...  IBHII!
"You must believe in the imaginary god and his imaginary angles in their imaginary heaven
or else your imaginary soul will go to the imaginary hell to be tormented by the imaginary
devil and his imaginary demons, for all time imaginable."
All of the supernatural is imaginary - ancient human fiction and lies.  

How did the universe come to be?
Nobody knows.
We can imagine that a god was the source of the universe, but then, who made that god?   
If the universe must have a source then, by the very same reasoning, that source must have a
source!  So where did that god come from?  When?  Where?  Why?  How?
(Or conversely, if a god does not need a source then maybe a point mass does not need a source.  
After all, a point mass is sort of a godlike thing - immensely powerful and of unknown origin.  And, it
is the only "god" that we have that is not an ancient man made myth.)
Was God's creation spontaneous?  Something from nothing?  Due to some cause?  What cause...?  
And by what means?  
If we cannot answer these questions, then instead of inventing an imaginary god, we could just as
easily assume that -
our universe was made by an inanimate point mass* that came into being
spontaneously for some unknown reason and by some unknown means, and after that it "ran" all by
following the laws of science and mathematics.  No supernatural supreme being, no myths,
no lies, and none of the folderol that goes along with them.  And it is a good fit with what we know
about the universe.  I like it.  
From now on I will call the point mass the point source to denote the prominence of the theory.
    *  Scientists are still working on just how pointy the point mass was; and something about the
    math of the very small and the math of the very large not meeting in the middle very well.  

But if there is a god, then what kind of being is he?  
Is he made of atoms?  Does he breathe  air?  drink water?  eat?  sleep?  etcetera.
Is he anthropomorphous - mammalian, primate, bipedal... ?  Or is he more like an imaginary ghost?
Is he susceptible to germs, viruses, or fungi?
What ethnic group does he most resemble?  I suppose Negroes, since our oldest Homo sapien
ancestors all came from Africa.  These must be the people who were made in God's image.  Adam
and Eve must have been Africans, and Eden must be in Africa.
    It is inconceivable to me that a god big enough and powerful enough to create a universe could
    possibly be the size and shape of a human being, and look like a Homo sapien.
What is God like?  Does he have a personality?  Is he animated or does he just sit on a throne and
speak in a monotone?  Does he have a sense of humor or is he dour?  Is he kind and gentle or is he
stern, vengeful, and unforgiving?  (Eternal torture in Hell does not sound very kind, gentle, and
forgiving.)  Is he moral or amoral?  Is he good, or is he evil?  Or indifferent?  (A point source is
probably indifferent.)
What sex is he, male, female, both, neither?  Does he experience sexual passion?  Does he
procreate?  Or does he use contraceptives?  
What is his birth date?  What is his lifespan?  What is his destiny?  
Does he ware clothes?  What for?  What kind - animal skins, woven cloth or plant matter?  (Who
does his weaving for him?  Who does his styling?  Who does his tailoring?  Who does his laundry?)  
What style of clothes does he wear, ancient style, modern style, or what?  I bet he doesn't wear a
tie.  What is his favorite color?  
Is he fat or skinny or what?  How tall?  How heavy?  Does he have muscles? Does he work out?  He
must be pretty big in order to be able to create our universe.  What does he eat?  Cows?  
Does he have family and friends?  And enemies?  Or is he all alone?  Is that why he has an
imaginary friend - the Holy Ghost?  
What does God do with his time?  Where does God spend his time?  Does he attend to the universe
and all of the creatures therein?  That must keep him busy.  But he is not detectable here on earth.  
If God is the steward of the universe, then why is he letting humans destroy Earth: depletion of
natural resources, species extinctions, global warming, atomic arsenals, over population, pollution...
    The world population now, 2019, is 7.7 billion people.  It has been estimated that a maximum of
    2 billion people, as existed in 1925, is much more likely to be sustainable.  Prior to 0 AD, the
    world population never exceeded 0.2 billion people.  
God is quite a bit unknown.  

A point source is starting to sound pretty good.

Where does God live?  
Which one of the 2 trillion galaxies in our universe?  Which one of the 200 billion trillion star
systems?  Which one of the 1000? billion trillion planets?  Does he live here on the surface of
Earth?  (What ZIP code?)  Does he live in our sky, in a stealth Heaven that is in orbit around Earth?  
Does he live in our solar system, our galaxy, our universe?
God is undetected on this planet, and we have no way to detect his existence anywhere else in this
universe.  Therefore, we have no good reason to believe he lives anywhere in this universe - there
is no evidence, and the Bible makes no mention of the exact location of Heaven or Hell.  Maybe he
is an extraterrestrial alien from another universe.  
In fact, if God exists and if he created our universe, then he had to live somewhere else before he
created our universe. So Heaven existed before our universe was created and therefore it is not a
part of our universe.  I suppose Hell is not in our universe either, but who knows?
You are free to imagine whatever you want.

Why doesn't God come to visit anymore?  
Maybe God is dead.  Or dormant?  Or maybe he is in hiding.  But why?  What is he afraid of?  Or
maybe he is indifferent and just doesn't care about us anymore?  Or maybe he never came in the
first place?  Maybe he never cared in the first place?
When God and later his son "did" visit Earth (
after waiting 13.8 billion years), why did they just
visit the Jews and ignore everyone else on the entire planet?  Are the Jews special?  Why?  Are we
unworthy?  Why?  Or maybe the Jews just made up that story like all the other ancient cultures
made up stories about their gods?  
No, the Jews are not special.  The god of the Jews is just as imaginary as the gods of all the other
ancient nations: Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Persian, Indian, Tlingit,
Navajo, Aztec, Mayan, Incan, ...  (It took the Jews to think up one god to replace all of the many
other gods.  Thank you Jews.  The vast number of gods that existed before the Jews came along,
was very confusing.)

Does God obey the laws of physics, or is he unreal?
How does he get around in the universe?  Can he exceed the speed of light?  Of course we have no
way to find out.  (In the real world, matter, energy, and information cannot exceed the speed of
Our galaxy's diameter is 100 thousand light years wide; our universe is billions of light years wide!
(Our solar system's diameter is only about 1 or 2 thousandths of a light year.)
Maybe there is more than one god, say one for each star system, or each galaxy?  (There are 100
billion stars in our galaxy and 2 trillion galaxies in our universe, as of October 2016.  That is a lot of
Is the god of our star system superior to the gods of all the other star systems?
How many gods are there in our universe?  How many universes are there?  Does each have a god
or gods?  Do any of these universes overlap in space and time?  
Do the souls of "people" from other planets live in "our" heaven, wherever that is? Alpha
Centurions? Klingons?  How about subspecies or other species like Neanderthals?  or Homo
Erecti?  or dogs?
How many Heavens are there?  How many Hells are there?
Are there more souls in Heaven or in Hell?

Why did God create all those extra galaxies, stars, and planets?  
He must have had a good reason for them.  They must be inhabited by other "people".  
Did Christ die for the sins of these other people?  I don't think so.  Jesus was a person of this Earth.  
All of our gods, religions and the holy books pertain only to Earth; the ancient authors did not know
that there was an enormous universe.  And their imaginary gods did not tell them about it.  

Do you think that us Homo sapien are unique among the other 1000 billion trillion planets in
this universe?
What are the odds that there are other "people" out there? (With other imaginary gods?)  
Let us suppose that one in a million stars has an earth-like planet in its Goldilocks zone and that this
planet has: a) a rocky surface, b) surface water, c) oxygen in its atmosphere, d) an ozone shield,
and e) a magnetic shield.  So if there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy, then there will be 100
thousand Goldilocks planets in our galaxy.  I would guess that most of these planets will have some
form of life on them, with some degree of intelligence.  Since there are so many planets in the
universe, over a billion trillion, then just as sure as God made little green apples, us earthlings are
not the only cognitive creatures in our universe.  

We don't need all those other galaxies, stars and planets.  All we need is one star, Sun, with one
planet, Earth, with an orbital period of exactly 364 days, and one satellite, Moon, with an orbital
period of exactly 28 days.  (God wasn't very exact in implementing these numbers.)  
Presumably God wanted the extra galaxies, stars and planets.  I'm sure he didn't just say "oops"; he
must have created them on purpose.  But why?  And why in such great abundance?  Two trillion
galaxies???  In our universe alone?   What is the Torah and the Bible not telling us?
How is God able to create space, time, matter, energy?  Where did all this stuff come from?
If there is only one god then maybe he is a really, really big super-mega-god, instead of the size and
shape of a human being.  

Why did God create the universe in the first place?
What was his reason?  What was his goal?
How did we (who did not yet exist) fit into his plan?  Since we did not yet exist, we probably were not
a part of his plan.  
Do you think that he built the entire universe just for us?  

How many universes are there?  
Since no one has ever proved that there cannot be more universes, maybe there are more.  Maybe
an infinite number more.  Did God create a
Multiverse?  What in the world for?  Heaven and Hell
must be really crowded.  

Why did God create us?  
So that we could be good and then go to Heaven?  That's it?  That's the story?  He built an
enormous universe, and put us through the whole evolution thing, so that we puny Homo sapien
could be good and then go to Heaven?  That sounds really lame.  
    (God is for adults like Santa Claus is for children.  They are both imaginary beings that are
    purported to do good things for good people.)  
Maybe he was lonely and wanted some friends?  But how many friends does he need?
Maybe he needs an army? or Soylent Green? or both? or...?  Do gods wage wars?
Come on now, why did God create us?  Who knows?
I suspect that we are just an accidental consequence of the creation of our immense universe, and
that God, if he exists, may not even know about us, and therefor may not care about us Homo
sapien people.  With so many planets in the universe, he would probably have a hard time finding

How did God create us?  Abracadabra?  Rib bone surgery?  
Scientists have determined that we are the result of evolution - a process of random gene mutation
and then natural selection.  Starting in "primordial soup", we went from bacteria to Homo sapiens in
4 billion years, with a few mass extinctions along the way.  
Do you think that God directed or guided that entire process (including the extinctions) until WE
appeared?  So that he could then start admitting good Homo sapien people into Heaven?  That
doesn't seem likely.
Where Homo sapiens the first people he admitted into Heaven?  Why not H. erectus, or H. ergaster,
or H. habulis, or H. neanderthalenus?  Why not Australopithecus anamensis?  Why not Chimps?  
What about the other planets?  Does God wait for people of the Homo sapien species to emerge on  
each of the other planets before beginning to admit them to our heaven, or their heaven?  It may be
possible that there are no Homo sapiens on any planet other than Earth.  On the other hand,
considering the enormous number of planets in the universe, maybe there are Homo sapiens on  
other planets.  
Does God admit other life forms into heaven?  What is the criteria?  How intelligent do these other
life forms have to be?  Can they have tails?  How many heads?  How many arms?  How many
legs?  Do they have to walk erect?  What about sea creatures?  And sky creatures?  
Do they have their own Heavens or do they use our Heaven?
What are the odds that God looks like a Homo sapien?  I would guess over a trillion to 1 against it.
Do you know that the evolution process continues to change us?  The Homos of some future
tomorrow will be different than the Homo sapiens of today, if life on earth remains here that long.  

Why does God exist?  
What is his purpose in life?  And what for?  Who told him to do that?  Why?
And where did his creators come from?  How...?  When...?  Why...?
Etc., etc. ad infinitum.  
Some questions are unanswerable.  Ever.  
That happens a lot when you ask questions about
imaginary things.
And God can't help you.  Remember, either he is an imaginary man or a quasi-real man who is
invisible, deaf and dumb.  The only thing you can do is use your imagination and invent your own
answers, which is exactly how the whole thing about God and religion got started in the first place.

All of the gods from all of the religions are man made myths that come to us from ancient men of
planet Earth, one planet out of over a billion trillion planets in our universe.  
Earth is insignificant.  Trivial.  Not worth mentioning, except that WE live here.  We and our
imaginary supernatural beings.  
Earth people are insignificant.  Trivial.

So, if our imaginary gods did not create the universe, then who or what did?  And
how?  Why?  ...
Nobody knows.  I don't know.  You don't know.  None of our scientists know.  None of our preachers
know, despite what they say.  Certainly imaginary gods do not know.
We will probably never know.  
Thats the way it is.  Deal with it.

A point source is sounding better and better.

In fact, if there were a god, then presumably he came from nowhere and was made from nothing,
and if an almighty god can come from nothing, then why not a mere point source?
Nothing >
GOD > universe,  or  Nothing > point source > universe.   Maybe the point source was a
god?  This idea gives new meaning to the term "God is everywhere" (in bits and pieces).  We might
say that - "The universe is a god."  or rather -
"The universe was a god.", a more likely conclusion.  
I think that this guess is much more feasible than the creation myth in "Genesis".  
But this still begs the questions, "Who creates the gods; when, where, why, how?"  God the
Father?  God the Mother?  God the Mother sounds more likely.  (Did God the Mother come from a
rib bone of God the Father?  What a stupid myth.)
Maybe God the Father created the firmament of the universe and God the Mother created the
softament (the plants and animals).  

Or we could just say that "The Source" created the small point source that created our universe, and
that The Source is a thing or things of
UNKNOWN origin, ancestry, history, age, lifespan, destiny,
purpose, agenda, residence, size, shape, structure, composition, sex, nature, powers, or even
existence.  (Notice the similarities between The Source and God.)  Some thing beyond our
comprehension?   Possibly an amoral and indifferent thing (obviously male)?  Maybe it's not a he but
an it?  Maybe without intelligence?  
Intelligence evolved from nothing, unless you say that electrons have intelligence because they
"know" what orbits they can inhabit, and compounds "know" what atoms to arrange in what
structure...  Maybe intelligence permeates the universe?  Maybe the universe is a god after all?  I
hope not, because the universe is a very violent place; we do not want to have a Supreme Being
that is very violent.  There are more thoughts to think about this.  (Are the mathematics of the
universe and intelligence in the universe, linked?  Math is the
sine qua non of physics.  And the
language of the gods?)

Maybe we should form a club to honor
The Source, just in case...  The Club of The Source.  We must
retain ecclesiastic
organ music and choirs (they make people feel good).  And the ethereal
monumental architecture too (ditto)?   But no "Book of
The Source" !!!  (The book would have to
have all blank pages.)  And no other supernatural baggage.  Shall we have an icon?  How about a
flying sourcer?   Or maybe just a question mark?  Yes, a question mark is perfect.
To join The Club of
The Source?, send money to me, the Grand Sourcerer.  How much money?  
That's between you and
The Source?   (Warning - do not sell yourself short!)  

  • May The Source? be with you.  And have a nice day.   
  • What do you suppose happened before The Source? came along?
  • (Did The Source? come along or was it the point source that came along?)
  • What did The Source? do before he created our universe?  And thereafter?
  • Where was The Source? standing when he created our universe, Heaven?
  • Did he get blown apart by the Big Bang?  (That would explain a lot.)
  • All of the supreme beings of all of the ancient nations of Earth, and The Source?, are just
    guesses.  Nobody knows if any of them really exist.  All we can do is imagine that they exist, or
  • Oh heck, I think I will go with: "Our universe began from a point source that appeared
    spontaneously for  some unknown reason and by some unknown means."  
    (There might be a supreme being but I doubt it very much.  Earth gods are so obviously
    mythical, man made.  There is no factual evidence, there is no proof.  And our ancient
    ancestors were full of it.)  
    I will leave all of the gods, all of the rest of the supernatural (except for the point source) and all
    of the religions, dwell in the realm of ancient man made myths.
    All of the supernatural is invisible, undetectable, ancient earthling fiction or lies.  
    Nothing about the supernatural has been proven to exist.  
    Ancient men, globally, had probably invented supernatural beings for more than 300,000 years.
  • These ancient men had no idea of modern science.
  • Thank you Copernicus and Galileo for starting modern science.   
  • Thank God for math and science, especially astronomy, paleontology and biology.
  • A PhD in Astrophysics should be a prerequisite for entry into any seminary.  (Just kidding,
    although there is some merit to that idea.)
  • 100 billion stars in our galaxy...  2 trillion galaxies in our universe...  What are the implications
    for gods and religions and Holy Books?  Earth gods are imaginary.  Earth religions are bogus.  
    Earth Holy Books are centered on ancient fiction, and make no mention of the other billion
    trillion planets in our universe, or the "people" thereon, or their gods, or their religions.  (A
    billion trillion = a sextrillion = 10 to the 21st power.)  
  • Is there one universal god?  Is his religion the same on all planets? Is it one of the Earth
    religions?  What about the other universes?  
  • All of the gods of planet Earth were invented by the ancient people of planet Earth !!!
  • Re other intelligent life forms, I think that probably there are a large number of other kinds of
    "people" living on the planets that are similar to Earth, and probably some that are different
    than Earth.  Likewise for other kinds of imaginary gods.   


3B.  Earth Religions:

God is one thing but religion is something else.  No imaginary god ever organized a religion.  No
imaginary god ever wrote "The Book" on his religion.  Religion is strictly an earth-man thing.  Here
on Earth, prophets, priests, apostles, witch-doctors, etc., created and organized the religions and
wrote the books.

Religions are steeped in superstition, imagination, and fiction.  
Earth gods and their religions were the creations of some superstitious ancient earthlings with active
imaginations who were seeking answers to the riddles of human life on planet Earth.
How did our world come to be?  Where did we come from?  How did we get here?  Why did we
come here?  What is our purpose in life?  What happens to us when we die?  Ancient earthlings
invented gods and religions to answer these and other unanswerable questions.  And people
believed them.  Why?  Because they wanted to believe them.  They wanted to have answers, and
there were no other answers, and "There must be a god because we don't have any other
explanation.", and "There must be a god, therefore there is a god."  
But as we have seen above, all of our Earth gods are ancient fiction.  So then, Earth religions
are groundless, bogus, phoney, illegitimate, irrational, irrelevant.   Despite what their priests and
their huddled masses say.  

Religion is like a house of cards built on a foundation of belief that God is real.  If God is not real
then all of those cards come tumbling down.  Gods are imaginary.  Religions are irrelevant.  

Believing in a fictitious god is irrational.
Worshiping an imaginary god is irrational.
Putting your faith and trust in an invisible being is irrational.
To say that "there is only one god - the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost", is irrational, or bad math.  
Blindly believing everything that was written in a book by some ancient earthlings is irrational.   
Believing that the universe, the world, and the human species were created in 6 days, despite the
enormous amount of physical evidence to the contrary, is irrational.  
Believing that human evolution did not occur, despite the enormous amount of evidence indicating
that it did occur, is irrational.
Believing that God cares about how we design our civil calendar is irrational.  (Even if there were a
God it would still be irrational.)

Religion is a form of insanity where people think irrationally and act accordingly, like:
The Charles Manson clan, Waco, Jonestown, the Ku Klux Klan, fundamentalists, Muslim terrorists,
Christian crusaders, worshiping invisible gods, witch burning, heretic burning, human sacrifices, holy
"If you say that my Islamic religion is violent, then I will kill you in the name of Allah."

Religion does some good in the world but some religions have a dark side, and that dark side is
downright evil.
Religious violence is religious evil.
Religious insanity is the source of religious evil.
Consider: the crusades, the inquisition, Salem, the KKK, sharia law, terrorists, and jihadist.
Violence was a part of life in the ancient times in which the authors of the Torah and Bible lived, and
their writings included accounts of numerous violent instances, as a matter of course.  For example,
read about
The Rape of Dinah (Genesis 34).

The Christian and Islamic religions are among the most evil human institutions the world
has ever known.  The Catholics have now virtually stopped doing evil, but the Muslims are still hard
at it.  
Islam now stands alone as the world's most violent religion.
Violence for the sake of an imaginary god is stupid !!!  Really, really stupid !!!   Its like
committing violence for the sake of your Teddy Bear, or your invisible friend.  

Religion is sometimes an impediment to logic and reason.  It demands belief in an imaginary
god, an ancient scripture, and the "interpretation" of that scripture by some priest.  Consider
abortion, contraception, over population, stem cell research, evolution, calendar reform, the right to
die, doctor assisted suicide, ...

Some religions are anti science, as evidenced by their rejection of the Big Bang theory of
creation, human evolution, a heliocentric solar system, stem cell research, ...
Science proved the Bible wrong (re the big bang, evolution).  Consequentially, many
fundamentalists hate science and scientists, completely ignoring the fact that "God created a world
governed by the laws of science - physics, chemistry, ...".  
When it comes to science, fundamentalists are ignoramuses.  But you can't ignore them.
On the other hand, closed minded fundamentalists make lousy scientists.  

Religious fundamentalists continue to screw up the world.
Fundamentalists believe that every word that was written by ancient Earthmen in either the Torah,
Bible or Koran, is the word of God, and is true and eternal.  (Including allowing slavery, condemning
homosexuality, condoning brutal physical punishment, ...?)
They mean well but they have exactly the opposite effect.  
Christian fundamentalists are against family planning, birth control, population control, abortion,
the right to die, death with dignity, doctor assisted suicide, science, scientists, the big bang theory,
evolution theory, global warming theory, stem cell research, separation of the church and the state,
separation of the church and the public school system, certain calendar reforms, ...    
Fundamentalists are irrational.
 They accept the supernatural that has no physical
evidence, and reject science that has abundant physical evidence.  That is
absolutely ridiculous.
 People who reject science are either ignorant, or stupid, or crazy, or
Trying to reason with them is a waist of time.  The only thing we can hope to do is to outvote them.
A quotation from Barry Goldwater:
    "Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're
    sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem.  Frankly, these people frighten
    me.  Politics and governing demand compromise.  But these Christians believe they are acting
    in the name of God, so they can't and won’t compromise.  I know, I've tried to deal with them.”
Get religion out of politics and government.
Moslem fundamentalists are terrorists / jihadists / religious fanatics, who do not believe in
religious freedom or human rights, and who do believe in intolerance of infidels, and in corporal
punishment for religious transgressions that include stoning, whipping, maiming, dismemberment
and death.  
Hindu fundamentalists believe in corporal punishment...
Jewish fundamentalists -  Check out Leviticus.  

Some religions are anti women: no birth control, no abortion, no admittance to the priesthood,
clitorisectomy, no education of women, the suppression of women in society, laws biased against

Some religions are anti civilization - they are against curbing overpopulation via birth control.  (I
suppose wars, pandemics, or starvation are OK methods, approved by God and the church?)  
They naively assume that the Universal God will take care of the Earth's overpopulation problems in
his own way.  

Some religions are anti medicine - their parishioners will not get immunization shots and will not
allow their children to either.  So their sick kids go to school and infect all the other school kids.  
These people should not be allowed to have children.  Or they should be thrown in jail for imposing
the consequences of their religion on other people. Ban unvaccinated people from public places.  
We need freedom
of good religions and we need freedom from bad religions!

Religion creates false hope. " We don't have to worry, God will take care of us.  ...  God will
protect us.  ...  God will not let that happen.  ... God will solve that problem."
An imaginary god will do nothing to help us.  Either we take care of our problems ourselves or we
will suffer the consequences.  Think:  over population, starvation, pollution, diminishing natural
resources, species extinctions, global warming, rising sea levels, dieing oceans, water shortages, ...

Religion is the opium of the people.  The promise of a better future life in Heaven makes the
masses more tolerant of a crappy life here on Earth.  

Religion fosters naivety.  "God is good.  Muslims believe in God, therefore Islam cannot be evil.  
Therefore the Koran does not tell Muslims to seek out and kill infidels, and Sharia law does not
include draconian corporal punishment and is not biased against women."    Wrong!!!

Religion is a form of slavery.  The congregations must believe what the priests and the "Book"
tell them to believe and they must do what the priests and the "Book" tell them to do, or else their
imaginary souls will go to the imaginary Hell.
Islam holds all of its members in religious slavery - they do not allow religious freedom.  Apostasy is
punishable by death.  Infidels are to be converted, or killed or enslaved.  The Muslim people must
do what the Koran and their clerics tell them to do or else they might be physically punished,
possibly severally, and then their imaginary souls will go to their imaginary Hell.

Monotheism has given rise to religious intolerance and violent conflicts.
Paganism was much more benign (except for a few human sacrifices).

Me?  I believe in the Golden Rule - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
Its not religion, its just common sense.  No rituals, no mumbo jumbo, no imaginary baggage, no evil,
no violence.

  • It is absolutely mind boggling to think of the enormous number of people who over the ages
    have believed in imaginary gods and their religions.  
  • It is also mind boggling to think of the enormous amount of pain, suffering, death and
    destruction that they have caused in the past and are still causing today, in the name of their
    imaginary gods.
  • I think that religions have done more harm in the world than good, especially in todays world.
  • Religions are unfounded; they are institutions based on man made fiction.
  • Ancient man screwed up the whole world with their imaginary gods.  
  • Religion is one of the big problems in the world today.  
  • Get religion out of politics and government.
  • Religious people are OK as long as they keep their religion out of my business, except for the
    fundamentalists - they are religiously crazy; they can be disruptive and dangerous.  
  • Religious fundamentalists today continue to screw up the world, especially the terrorists.
  • Muslim cleric rulers are screwing up Muslim countries.
  • Everyone has the right to believe in the imaginary god of their choice, but no one has the right
    to impose their religious beliefs, customs and habits on anyone else.  It is all right for you to live
    your life in accordance with the laws of your religion, as long as those laws are not in conflict
    with any civil laws, however, it is most certainly not all right for you to expect me to live my life
    in accordance with the laws of your religion.  
  • Separate religion from politics and government.
  • All religions, and all nations, should eliminate all corporal punishment.  
  • Outlaw all use of Sharia law in the United States.
  • Outlaw all violent fundamentalists.  
  • Outlaw Islam until it reforms to be completely nonviolent and supports all UN human rights.
  • Get religion out of politics and government.  Get religion out of politics and government.  Get...

3C.  Conclusions:

Gods exist only in the mind of man.   Therefore gods are imaginary.   Therefore religions and holy
books are irrelevant.     

Ancient holy books contain some factual ancient history, but about gods and religions they are a
bunch of ancient myths and lies.  

Let civil law prevail.  Modern civil law is far superior to laws based on ancient myths and lies.

It is not possible to prove that supernatural entities exist, because - they do not exist.
All of the supernatural is ancient fiction or ancient lies.

Our imaginary gods have reaped a horrible harvest of evil – wars, atrocities, intolerance, hatred...
Imaginary gods are the result of self-deception.  We should not do that to ourselves.  We should
demand irrefutable physical evidence of our gods existence, their residence, and their powers,
before committing our belief in them.  We should demand, or maybe respectfully request, that they
write their own bibles, in a clear, lucid and unambiguous language, instead of us accepting the
confusing, self contradicting, muddled parables and fables written by some self deluded, IGI profits,
apostles and clerics.

We should differentiate between the real and the imaginary.  Accept the real for what it is.  Reject
the imaginary for what it is not (it is not real).  
Accept the responsibility for writing our own codes of law, morals and manners.  (We don't need an
IGI prophet or church cleric to do that for us.)  
And accept the fact that we do not have all the answers about creation and probably never will.  
Imaginary gods and bogus churches are a part of our problems, not solutions, for example: Muslim
fundamentalist (who are anti infidels and who are terrorists) and Christian fundamentalist politicians
(who are for: school prayer, intelligent designer, biblical creation myth, global warming; and against:
science, evolution, stem cell research, birth control, family planning, homosexuals, the right to die,
doctor assisted suicide for the elderly).  
Imaginary gods are not going to take care of any of our problems for us.  We have to do that
ourselves or pay the consequences.  
Pull your head out of the clouds and take responsibility for your own life.  

Churches should have only one purpose - to help people on their journey through life.  Period.  No
imaginary baggage.  No political agenda.  No evil.   Maybe a social philosophy, a democratic moral

Religion should be replaced with a democratic social philosophy of morals.
What should we do and not do in order to get along with our fellow man?  And other creatures, and
other living things, and the world on which we live, and the nearby heavenly bodies?
We need a
universal ethic that applies to every human being and that pertains to all human
intercourse - personal, social, civil, professional, commercial, political, international; and that also
pertains to man's relationship with his environment - flora, fauna, earth, water, air, and cosmos.  
All philosophers of all nations should work towards defining and establishing a universal ethic.  

We are all cousins.  Literally.  And we should treat each other that way.  (But don't ask me to loan
you any money.)

  • Why can't we have peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind?  Why??
  • What will it take to have world peace?  (Worldwide separation of the church and the state,
    especially in Moslem countries?   Universal acceptance of all UN Human Rights, especially in
    Moslem countries?  A Universal Ethic?  Some Universal Laws?  The elimination of weapons of
    mass destruction?  International inspection teams?  ... )  
  • It is up to us to figure it out.  No imaginary god is going to do that for us.

  • What is the definition of World Peace?
  • What are the impediments to World Peace?
  • What is the plan for achieving World Peace?
  • What is the schedule for each milestone along the path to World Piece?  
  • Shouldn't the UN be working on this?  
  • Shouldn't all of this be common knowledge throughout the world?

  • Religious fundamentalists continue to screw up the world - especially Moslem fundamentalists,
    but Christian and Jewish fundamentalists too.
  • Amend the US constitution to explicitly require separation of the church and the state, and to
    ban all clergy from politics and government.  
  • We need worldwide separation of the church and the state, a worldwide ban of all clergy from
    politics and government, and a worldwide ban of corporal punishment, especially in Iran,
    Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
  • Mind you, I am not saying that these things are easy to do.  I am saying that these things are  
    necessary to do.  It is up to us to figure out how.  I recommend that we start out by doing now
    the things that we can do now.  Spread the word, start converting the leery, amend our
  • Gods are imaginary.
  • Religions are irrelevant.
  • Fundamentalists are religiously crazy.
  • The Holy Books include fiction and lies.  
  • The Golden Rule makes more sense than any of the religions.  
  • You can believe in any god or gods you want just as long as you do not impose any of your
    religious beliefs on anyone else.
  • Let civil law prevail.  

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