I was born and raised in Philadelphia.
Then I joined the Air Force.  Ended up a
gunner on a B-36.
Got out and looked for a job.  Nobody needed a gunner.  
So I went to school - Santa Monica City College, and then Cal.  Got an Electrical Engineering
degree - Bachelor of Science.
Been a bachelor ever since.
Worked for Philco-Ford Aerospace and eventually became a Systems Engineer.  Mostly RF
communication systems but worked the whole spectrum from DC to daylight.  Analog and
digital.  Hardware and software.  Mostly system design and analysis.  30 years.
Retired.  (For other jobs I have had, see
the bottom of the page.)


After getting out of the service and out of school, I went skiing.  Loved it.  So I took up day
hiking to get in shape for skiing.  Loved it.  So I took up
back packing.  And fly-fishing.  And
peak climbing.  Led some Sierra Club trips, summer and winter.  Ski touring.  Ski hutting.  
Snow camping.  Snow caves.  Igloos.  Ice axe.  Crampons.  Avalanche training.  15 years.

Did some river rafting – Glen Canyon of the Colorado before they built the dam, Middle Fork
of the Salmon, Hell's Canyon of the Snake, and the American.  
Also did some
house-boating up the Delta.  

Had a few sport cars - 2 Porsches: a 356C and a 911S; leased Mustangs for a number of
years (a perk while working for Ford); and 2 BMWs: a 325C and a 330Ci.  Spent several
days vacation at Willow Springs Raceway at the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School, driving
Formula Fords.  Went to a BMW driver safety class and later to a driver training school at
Laguna Seca raceway.

Got interested in sailing so I bought a sailboat. First a Catalina 27, then a Catalina 30, and
finally a Wylie 34.  Raced every chance I got.  Mostly in San Francisco Bay but also in the
ocean.  Mostly day races but some long distance too.  See the
San Diego Race.  26 years.

Also did some bare-boat chartering during this period – San Juan and Gulf Islands, Princess
Louisa Inlet, Desolation Sound, Virgins, Grenadines, and down east along the coast of Maine.

Then I got a Krogen-39 powerboat, "Sea Horse", and did some left coast cruising – once to
Mexico, twice to Alaska.  7 Years.  Sold it at the end of 2006.

I’ve played the piano, drums, ukulele, and recorder.  And the radio.  I excel at the latter.
Love classical music.  Some jazz.

Also did some painting.  And a stained glass window.

After getting my baccalaureate I felt compelled to get heavy into wine.  So I did.  Read
books.  Took classes.  Did a gazillion
blind tastings.  Took wine tours.  Built a wine cellar.  
Formed a club - Friends of Bacchus, i.e. FOB's.  Made our own wine.  We leased an acre of
grapes one year.  Did the picking, stemming, crushing, fermentation, pressing, racking, and
bottling.  And the drinking.  

Cooking, and eating good cooking, is fun too.

Traveled a little - Greenland, England, Hawaii, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Cong, Japan, British
Virgin Islands, Grenadines, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy.  
Provence and Tuscany.)  

Life is tough...
At Bishop Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada, aboard "Sea Horse".
"Coyote.", my Wylie 34.
My primordial sloop with a primordial spinnaker.
by Nick Kluznick
El Palo Alto
Primordial Fulmination
Ghosting In
View From the Vally Floor, Yosemity
From north of Tuolumne Meadows, looking
"Sea Horse" up the Delta, at
Potato Slough, Bedroom 3.
Me on My Patio
~ 1975

I took a Photography class at Foothill
Collage and one of the assignments
was to take a self portrait.  This is one
of those portraits.

Lawn cutter, snow shoveler, caddy, janitor, pin setter in a bowling ally, fruit and produce truck
loader and unloader, delivery truck maintenance man, soda jerk, busboy, dish washer,
short-order cook, assembly line worker, boxcar loader, parking lot attendant, collected stuff and
sold it to junk dealers, movie usher, box boy in a grocery store, dance band drummer, machine
operator, machine set-up man, machinist, assistant outside plant engineer for the telephone co.,
electronic equipment tester,
A Formula Ford
The beard in Alaska