Miscellaneous Boating Stuff
Miscellaneous Boating Stuff:
Other Down-loads Available -
The following Xcel "spread sheets" are also available for
  1. Beaufourt Wind Scale  presents the normal Beaufourt
    wind scale plus its extension to hurricane force winds.  
    Also given are normal sea state data plus its extension
    out to hurricane force winds, and graphs of both.  
  2. Sea Horse Maintenance Schedule  itemizes all of the
    maintenance items for all equipment on my Krogen 39
    "Sea Horse".
  3. SF Weather Fax Schedule  shows the daily schedule
    for all of the weather fax products transmitted on SSB
    from the San Francisco station.
  4. SSB Channels  gives the channel assignment for
    various services and more.
  5. PNW Climate  gives the summer climate of Juneau,
    Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle.
  6. Tide Calculation   allows you to determine the heights  
    and times between those given in the tide table.

Home Page Stuff:
Sea Horse, my Krogen 39, in Fjordlands, BC
Wave Height Predictions -
You MUST check out this Navy wave prediction site:
(For some reason my Yahoo Site Builder software can not handle the s in https, so
you will have to copy and  paste "https://www.fnmoc.navy.mil/PUBLIC/" into your web
site address window and then click Go.)  Then click on Oceanography / WW3 /
North Pacific / Loop for Significant Wave Height & Direction.

Be sure to check out all of the other features of this web site.
More stuff
Outside of Tracy's Arm.
Sea Horse On the Alameda/Oakland Estuary.  
A Dahl Dolphin, near Port Ludlow.