4.  Sacred Embryos:

Stem cells - yes.  Sacred embryos - no.  
Re sacred embryos not being used for stem cells - Bush 2 and his Christian Fundamentalist
backers are imposing their opinion (guess) as to what God wants, on all of the people of the
USA.  So, not only is this just an opinion but it is a religious belief, and they are imposing this
religious belief on the whole country.  I thought we had freedom of religion.  Well, I don't want to
accept his religion or any of his stupid religious opinions!
Why is it stupid, I'll tell you why -
  • Bush 2 is telling us that embryos are sacred, that they have souls.  How does he know this?  
    Has he been talking with God, again?
  • Embryos are far from being human.  They are still back at the starting form of human
    evolution.  They are closer to being amoebas or metazoa than humans.  It takes 9 more
    months to make a human.  
  • He wants to "save" unwanted embryos from being used for stem cell research, for what, so
    they can be used to create life?   No, he is not saving embryos so that they can be used to
    create life, they are just going to be thrown away (killed).  
  • Bush 2 doesn't want scientist to kill embryos,  but that is exactly what he is doing, causing
    the death of "sacred" embryos - death by discardation.  How disrespectful of sanctity...
  • He wants to throw away "sacred" embryos to thwart those "nasty" scientists from finding
    cures to mankind's illnesses.
  • If embryos are sacred, shouldn't unused embryos be buried in hallowed ground?  Each
  • What hallowed ground?  I mean, what religion are they?  
  • What about atheist embryos?  Why can't they be used for stem cells?
  • Before burial, should the sacred embryos be killed first or buried alive?
  • How should they be killed?  (By making stem cells?)
  • By whom, clergy or civil servant (or scientist)?
  • Maybe all of the unused embryos should be turned over to the church for reverential
    disposal.  But which church?  What is the state religion?
  • Why don't we just make the nasty scientists say 3 Hail Marys and 1 Our Father.  That should
Bush 2, keep religion out of government.


5.  Other:

Biological evolution is an established fact supported by abundant evidence and accepted by  
virtually all of the scientists.  Gene mutation together with the Natural Selection theory is the
principle explanation of the evolutionary process, and that is also widely accepted by the
scientists.  But for creation dogma and the "intelligent design" theory, there is no evidence.  They
are religious beliefs that have to be taken on faith.  Their major proponents are religious
fundamentalists.  Scientists say that they have nothing to do with science.  Therefore, they have
no place in our public schools; they should be taught in church.  
(Bush 2 wants the schools to teach them as an alternative to science.  Can you imagine that?)
When it comes to confronting science, the church (and Bush 2) has been wrong about 100% of
the time.  See
Evolution History - Man

The Intelligent Design guys have it all wrong.  They say that the fact that life is so complex, is
proof that there must be an intelligent designer.  No, no, no.  Its just the opposite!  Since life is so
complex, there must
not have been an intelligent designer.  If there were an intelligent designer
life would be much more simple and less diverse.  (Why do we need numerous different shapes
for an ear? or a nose? etc.  One well designed ear should do for everyone.)  Complexity and
diversity come from the random nature of gene mutation and the natural selection process of

abortion is a religious issue not a political issue.  Men should not have the right to vote
on women's abortions!  Keep religion out of politics.
A women owns her body, not the government, not the church, and not any man.

The right to die, i.e. death with dignity, is a common sense human rights issue.  The
suppression of that right is a religious issue, not a political issue.  Make suicide and doctor
assisted suicide a sin if you want, but not a crime.  Legalize doctor assisted suicide!  Not just for
sick people but for old people too.  Old people need all the help they can get.
The state does not own me.  I own me.

Should we provide public financial support for religious primary and high schools?  Yes, so long
as the school is sufficiently accredited.  I think that violence-free private schools (and charter
schools?), that can permanently expel disruptive kids, are an important element in getting people
out of ghettos.  Maybe the government should provide "private" schools in ghettos.  See
Notes - 2 under Education, and see Political Notes - 1 under Discrimination.

The meek shall inherit the earth.  Geeks are meek.  

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