2.  Muslims:

Talking about church evils, "holy war"  has to be the mother of all oxymorons.  The same for
"religious violence" - any kind of violence perpetrated by or for the church.  
It wasn't nice when the Christian crusaders were inflicting violence (1095 – 1291AD), and it certainly
is not nice now when the Islamic jihadists still do it.  

There must be many good Muslims, right?  But how come they are not vocal and actively
condemning Muslim suicide bombers and other Muslim terrorists who are killing innocent men,
women and children, in the name of Allah?  Why are they not condemning:
    Ben Laden? 9/11/01? militant clerics?  the suppression of women?**  the mutilation of women?
    the disregard of human rights? religious police? church armed forces? church sanctioned
    murders (like Salmon Rushdie's death warrant fatwa)? church death squads***? church wars
    **  The treatment of Muslim women is pathetic, driving some to self-immolation.  Google
    Muslim self immolation.  
    Also note: "The Saudi judiciary on Tuesday defended a court verdict that sentenced a 19-
    year-old victim of a gang rape to six months in jail and 200 lashes because she was with
    an unrelated male when they were attacked."  11/21/07.
    Also see the Aug 9, 2010 issue of Time magazine, page 20, about an 18 year old Afghan
    women who left home where she was being abused by her in-laws.  Her punishment for
    escaping abuse - amputation of her nose and ears!!!!!
    ***Also note: "Religious vigilantes have killed at least 40 women this year in the southern
    Iraqi city of Basra because of how they dressed, their mutilated bodies were found with
    notes warning against "violating Islamic teachings," the police chief said Sunday."  12/9/07
Now would be a good time for them to speak up.  It is essential for them to speak up, to declare their
existence, otherwise we are left to conclude that there are no good Muslims, that all Muslims are
intolerant, violent, fanatics that threaten our freedom of religion, our democracy and our very
existence, and, therefore, need to be suppressed or at least contained.  
Are they afraid to speak up?  That would be truly sad.  (But I think it might be true.)
Please speak up, loud and clear and often.

Koran Violence:
Does the Koran preach violence? I believe that it does because I saw and heard the crown prince of
Saudi Arabia say that it does, when he was interviewed on television, just after the marine barracks
was bombed by terrorists.  And he said that it is there in the Koran for all the world to see.  Google

Koran violence
Are all infidels prey for bad Moslems?  Yes, we are.  The Koran directs Muslims to seek out infidels
and either convert us to Islam, or enslave and abuse us, or kill us!  Google  
Koran violence.
It is
important to note that foreign language Korans, ie those not written in Arabic, sometines omit
any mention of violence.  This fact is cited among the Google listings for "Koran violence".  

Are all Muslims our enemy?  No, of course not, but how can you tell a good Muslim from a bad
Muslim?  They both look similar.  They both go to the same church.  They don't wear uniforms.  
They don't wear badges.  
A Good Muslim is here defined as one who decries church violence and believes in all of the human
rights defined by the UN, especially freedom of religion (including the separation of the church and
the state), freedom of speech, and equal rights for women.  
A Bad Muslim is just the opposite - he supports or at least condones church violence and denies
some human rights.  A Bad Muslim is a
fundamentalist, an extremist, an intolerant fanatic, and
a terrorist, weather active or not.
For a more detailed explanation of the various types of Muslims, and their numbers, click on this
Clarion Project video:
By The Numbers.  If Clarion is right, then the percentage of Muslims,
including American Muslims, who approve of physical religious violence, is alarming!
Also see:
The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society, which is a Pew Research Center

I think that the Good Muslims have to disassociate themselves from Islam and especially the Koran
and most especially from the Bad Muslims, the
fundamentalists.  But you know, I don't think they
can quit Islam without violating the Koran and provoking the wrath of the Bad Muslims, with dire
consequences.  Same for speaking up against the Koran or Islam.  Oh hell, it's an impossible
problem to solve without more violence.  Maybe if they work for reform from within Islam...  But how
can you propose fixing the Koran or Islam without first saying that it is flawed and needs fixing???  If
you badmouth either the Koran or Islam, its off with your head.  If you disavow Islam and join
another church, you become an apostate infidel, and its off with your head.  You can't even become
an atheist without loosing your head.  Nevertheless...

The Muslim church needs to up-date its Dark Age attitude about religious violence.  
All of the Good Muslims should get together and start a church reform movement
(or a schism), a reformation that denounces and forbids all religious violence, and
that affirms
all of the UN human rights, especially freedom of speech and religion,
the separation of the church and the state, and the emancipation of women.   
    Don't hold your breath waiting for this to happen.  I don't think the Good Muslims are capable of
    effecting reformation - the Bad Muslims wont let them. The best they can do is start their own
    new, nonviolent, pro human rights version of Islam, with a revised Koran, etc., probably in a
    non Muslim country, and hope it spreads to Muslim countries.  
    But, to revise the Koran is to denounce Mohammed for misrepresenting God's intentions.  
    That will be a bitter pill for the fundamentalists to swallow.  The Bad Muslims will be irate
    and react violently, as Mohammed has directed.  
    Their reluctance to ban religious violence may well be the single biggest impediment to
    world peace.  It may make a world wide all-out holy war inevitable - Islam against the rest
    of the world.  And what other choice do we have?  Surrender?  
    Muslims must ban religious violence!!!  
    I  think religious Good Muslims will have to quit Islam and either join some other church or start
    a completely new religion that does not use the Koran.
The Christian and Jewish churches should also formally recant past religious violence, forbid future
church violence in all of its forms, endorse all of the UN specified human rights, especially women's
rights and the separation of the church and the state, and purge their holy books of all mention of
corporal punishment and any other violence. The latter is necessary in order to encourage the
Muslims to do likewise, and to remove Christian and Jewish inaction as and excuse for Muslim
inaction on this matter.  
The Christian and Jewish churches should -
Ban all clerics from politics and government.
All churches should do this, especially Islam, formally, at media events so that the whole world will
There will never be world peace without separation of the church and the state!
There must be   worldwide separation of the church and the state!

Religious violence is religious evil:
Some Christians say: "If you don't believe in my God, you will go to hell."
Bad Muslims say: "If you don't believe in my God, I will kill you."  (The ultimate religious imposition.)
Violence for the sake of God is both ludicrous and obnoxious.  I'm sure God would agree...
Religious violence is the opposite of what a kind, loving, benevolent god would want.
Violence for the sake of an imaginary god is even more ludicrous and more obnoxious.
But church or state controlled religious violence is still worse.
Religious violence must be eliminated!  Totally!  Forever!  
All churches should condemn religious violence!
All states should condemn religious violence and any church that allows it!

Also, Muslim law, Sharia, includes draconian dark age corporal punishment, and discrimination
against women.  Search
Sharia punishment photos. (Warning, the punishment is horrific and the
photos are graphic.)  Violent religious punishment should occur only in Hell, not here on Earth.  
Here on Earth, only the state should have the authority to execute murderers and traitors, and there
should be no corporal punishment for any other crime - no amputations, no stoning, no whipping or
caning, no torture, no branding, no maiming ...
Consider the following by Asim Tanveer | Reuters on 2/20/13:
    "According to Pakistan's blasphemy laws, anyone found to have uttered words derogatory to
    the Prophet Muhammad can be put to death. Those who are accused are sometimes lynched
    by mobs even before they reach court.
    "Rehman (Sherry Rehman, Pakistan's ambassador to the United States) has already faced
    death threats from militants after calling for reforms to the country's anti-blasphemy law,
    according to court documents. Two politicians who suggested reforming the law were

The threat to us:
Bad Muslims are the sworn enemies of infidels (all non Muslims).  They are required to either
convert us to Islam, enslave and abuse us (including rape), or kill us.
You probably don't know it, but we are in the middle of World War 3 right now - the Bad Muslims
against the rest of the world.
They are headed for world domination.
They present a clear and present danger.
They gain control of some governments by armed rebellion.
They gain control of some democratic governments through democratic processes and then take it
over.  They declare Islam as the state religion. They replace the constitution with Islamic law.  They
deny religious freedom, and they enslave the women.  They take a democratic state and
transmogrify it into a Muslim state complete with all of its attendant religious violence and disregard
of human rights.

What needs to be done:
We, the civilized countries of the world, need a dialogue among ourselves to become aware of the
threat and to plan and execute a course of action.
We need a dialogue with the Muslims to make them aware of the need for change and to encourage
them along that line.
Muslims need to reform Islam and all Muslim states.  To recap:
  • Condemn and forbid all religious violence.
  • Eliminate Muslim terrorism.
  • Eliminate church assassins, militias, police, death squads, vigilantes, holy wars, ...
  • Disarm all militant Muslims.
  • Endorse all UN human rights:
  • Emancipate all women.
  • Grant freedom of speech to all.
  • Grant religious freedom to all.
  • Separate the church and the state.
  • Ban all clerics from politics and government.
  • Revise the Koran, etc. to eliminate all religious violence, and condemn and forbid all prior
We need all churches to purge their holy books of all corporal punishment and all other violence.
We need to urge all nations
and all churches to endorse all UN human rights.
We need to urge all nations
and all churches to effect separation of the church and the state.
The US (and all other countries) needs to amend their constitution to
explicitly require separation of
the church and the state.  
Also, we should have all immigrants and all visitors to the USA sign an oath swearing that they are
opposed to all religious violence and that they support all UN human rights.
We should also have all Muslim church leaders in the USA do the same.  
Maybe we should have all Muslim residents do the same?
We should ban new Muslim churches in the USA until they revise the Koran, etc., to ban all religious
violence, and until they support all UN human rights.  

We must also stop Iran from getting weapons of mass destruction – right now, without delay.  If Iran
gets nuclear weapons, then the Muslim terrorists will get nuclear weapons!  If they do, then the US
will be the victim of their first or second atomic bomb.
Also, if Al Qaida or some other radical Muslim group gets control of Pakistan and its nuclear bombs,
then they will give A-bombs to the terrorists, and we
will be bombed.
2,973 people were killed on 9/11/01, but
if the Bad Muslims ever get nuclear weapons ...
    A suitcase A-bomb of 1 kiloton has a prompt-kill area of 1 square mile.  Our big cities have
    population densities of 12,000 to 25,000 people per square mile.  The Hiroshima  bomb was 13
    kilotons.  A typical A-bomb today has a yield of 1 to 10 Megatons.  
We must do whatever it takes to ensure that these fanatical madmen never
get nuclear weapons!
(What we need is for our Jewish friends to conjure up a golem horde to march over to Iran and wipe
out all A-bomb making equipment and material.)  

Wake up America!  Wake up Europe!  Wake up world!  
Bad Muslims
are indeed   mortal enemies of us all !!!
We must join together and face up to the Bad Muslims!
We have to either defeat them or at least contain them, or they will eventually
kill us!!!  
Or enslave us in their religion.  Prey that they revise Islam.
Either we fight them or we will have to become Muslims and give up our democracy, our human
rights, our religious freedom, and memorize the Koran at mind numbing madrases, bow down to
Mecca 5 times a day, and allow our daughters to become mutilated slaves.
    (Most Americans are in denial about bad muslims.  They are insensate naive ostriches when it
    comes to Muslims.  Wake up.  Educate yourselves.  Investigate Koran violence.  Investigate
    Muslim violence.  So you dont like what I am telling you?  Fine, then seek out the truth for
    yourself.  Do your own fact finding.  But do not just sit back and do nothing, assuming that
    because your religion is not evil, then all religions are not evil.  Your naive complacency could
    cost us all, dearly.)  

Perhaps its time to start thinking about global disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction -
nuclear, biological, chemical, whatever.  It would take the agreement of all major powers.  It would
take international inspection teams with
unlimited access to all nations territory, including their
government facilities, and their military facilities.  Civilian facilities too?  Yes, it would violate some
peoples privacy; life is not perfect.  Some loss of privacy versus weapons of mass destruction - you
decide.  An open door policy like the above would do immense good for all people of all nations.  
Dare to think...  What would it take?  How could it be made to work?  How could it be made to

  • Most Muslims are not terrorists.
  • But, most terrorists are Muslims.

  • Islamic reformation!
  • All UN human rights for everyone!
  • Equal rights for all women everywhere!
  • Freedom of speech for everyone!
  • Religious freedom for everyone!
  • Separation of the church and the state everywhere!
  • Elimination of Muslim terrorists!
  • Elimination of all religious violence!
  • Elimination of all weapons of mass destruction!
  • Worldwide!

  • Religious fundamentalists are screwing up the world - especially Moslem
    fundamentalists, but Christian and Jewish fundamentalists too.
  • Muslim cleric rulers are screwing up Muslim countries.
  • Amend the US constitution to explicitly require separation of the church and the state,
    and to ban all clergy from politics and government.  
  • We need worldwide separation of the church and the state, worldwide elimination of
    corporal punishment, and a worldwide ban of all clergy from politics and government,
    especially in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, .......


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