PCS Big Trip, 1972
Part 1
The following is a photo log of the Peak Climbing Section's 1972 Big Trip to Evolution Basin, in the Sierra
Nevada Mountains.  The PCS is a part of the Loma Prieta chapter of the Sierra Club.  The dates of the trip were
from 1 July 72  to 7 July 72.  
We started at Lake Sabrina on the E side of the Sierras.
Lake Sabrina from the South.
Top: Mt. Emerson
Left: Blue Lake
Darwin and Powell from Blue Lake?
Mt. Wallace area
Dingleberry Lake to Owens Vally
The ridge above Midnight Lake
Mt Powell and Hungry Packer Lake from the North.
Mt Haeckel, before it toppled
Huxley from the divide
Fisk from the North
Huxley from the NE
Sapphire Lake and Hermit Peak from the SE.
Huxley from our camp at Sapphire Lake. End day 1
Evolution Lake from the South
Spencer and Huxley from the North
Hermit from Evolution Lake
Crossing the outlet of Evolution Lake
Top: Hermit from the South.
Right: Evolution Vally from SE.
Backtracking from a false lead on Hermit
Top: At the base of the summit block of Hermit
Right:  Mendel and Evolution Lake from Hermit
Mendel and Darwin
Goddard from Hermit
Whitey, Sapphire Lake and camp.  End of day 2.
At start of climb of Spencer, looking back at camp
Wallace from Spencer
Evolution Lake and Evolution Vally from Spencer
Huxley, Dagmar, Goddard
McGee from Spencer
Jo, Mallissa, Goddard
Top: Evolution Vally again.
Right: McGee, Davis Lake, from SE.
Heading for the chute to the ridge to Goddard
In the chute
Jo and Paul
Top: Paul, Jo, Malissa at top of chute.
Bottom: Malissa and Tim on ridge.
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Whitey Pollock and Carl Smith