Top: View from along the ridge.
Right: The top of Goddard.

PCS Big Trip, 1972
Part 2
Darwin from Goddard
The Palisades from Goddard
"To the South from Goddard"
McGee and Minarets
Down to Wanda Lake outlet
Huxley from the West.  Tomorrows climb.
Sapphire Lake from chute to Huxley
Top:  Jo, near the top.
Right top:  Haeckel on the right.
Right bottom: Fisk
Sapphire Lake, Hermit, Evolution Lake and Valley.
Thursday night in camp.
Carl's tent.
The burning of the John.
Bill Tucker at pass
Leaving camp and heading back.
Charlie Moore near pass.
Right: Midnight lake to the Owens Vally
and the 3 other lakes in between.
Left top: V. Brown at pass.
Left bottom: Chute to Midnight Lake.
Darwin from Midnight Lake.
Left:  Midnight Lake from the NE.
Top:  Awaiting hikers coming down
from the ridge.
Goodbye Midnight Lake.  Wallace and Haeckel in background?
Upper Dingleberry Lake.
Top: Emmerson
Right: Lake Sabrina from
the SSW
Me at the end of the trip
and the beginning of the beard.
The end.