Did we do the right thing by dropping the A-bomb in the 2nd world war?
We saved hundreds of thousands of American lives.
And we probably
saved hundreds of thousands of Japanese lives too.
Did you know that the Japanese were also working on the A-bomb at the time?
Do you think they would have dropped it on us if they had the chance?


Abortion is a woman's personal issue, not a political or church issue.
A woman owns her body, not the government, not the church, and not any man.
Men should not have the right to vote on it.


Affirmative action is preferential treatment of black people at the expense of white people.
If a black kid is given preference then some other more qualified white kid is being
discriminated against.  Why is HE being punished?  What sin has HE committed?

Affirmative action is racial discrimination.
Racial discrimination is wrong.
Therefore, affirmative action is wrong.
When it comes to deciding between right and wrong, it doesn't get any easier than that.

Affirmative action is court ordered racial discrimination.  
It is absolutely mind boggling.  How is it possible for the court in one breath to say that
discrimination is bad and then in the next to say that not only it is good but it is required.  
Idiotic.  Absurd.  Stupid.  What happened to logic and reason?  What happened to sanity?
Either its good or its bad.  It can’t be both.  

Why not do away with discrimination?  Why not treat everyone equally.
If you want discrimination, you'll get discrimination.
If you don't want discrimination, then you better be for equal opportunity.


People with AIDS should be listed in a public register.
Anyone who knowingly exposes someone else to AIDS, should be isolated from society.
Anyone who knowingly causes AIDS in someone else, should be executed.


Married people get additional benefits for their spouses and children.
Gays get additional benefits for their “spouses”.
Bachelors get screwed.


Yes, of course.  Isn't it just common sense?  You don't have to have an MBA from some Ivy
league school to understand the consequences of living beyond your means - big debt
"But we don't have to worry, our kids will pay it off with devalued dollars."  
(If I were a kid, I would be pretty pissed off at the adults.)
I wonder how the tax money that goes to pay the interest could otherwise be spent.  
Perhaps it could go to social programs, like universal health care.  Hmmm.


We need business regulation.
We need the EPA.
Self regulation is self delusion.

Unbridled business will rape the earth and everyone who stands in their way.  They will
also rape the workers who help them rape the earth, and the horses they rode in on too.  
And that's the way it should be.

Business is in business to make money.  
They will do anything to make money as long as it is legal.
And its not up to business to decide what is legal and what is not;  that's the job of the
We need the EPA.  It bears repeating.

Business ethics?  Some cut-throat business practices go beyond competition and amount
to malicious business murder.  Business murder is not nice.  The mercenaries of business
murder are lawyers.  Lawyers are not nice.  ....…

Social conscience?.......  Yes.
Mandated business welfare?.....  No.  Isn't welfare a government responsibility? ......
Welfare is not the business of business.
Day care?  Should business pay for day care?....  No.  That’s the responsibility of parents.  
If the parents need welfare, then that’s the job of government.
Medical insurance?....  No.  That’s not the responsibility of business.  The government may
require all employed people to have insurance, and require business to implement it
through payroll deductions, but welfare is not the business of business.  Do you want the
price of goods to go up?  That’s inflation.  Do you think that other countries will also require
their manufacturers to give their workers medical insurance?  No?  Then their products will
be cheaper then ours.  That will give us a bigger trade unbalance.  We need to be
competitive.  That means jobs.  Its better to leave business unfettered with costs that the
government should take care of and, if necessary, raise taxes.  
What about poor people who are unemployed?  How are they going to get medical
insurance? ....  The government.

Social security co-payments?....  No. The government may require all employed people to
have retirement insurance, and require business to implement it through payroll deductions,
but welfare is not the business of business.  It adds to the cost of the products and that
adds to inflation, the trade deficit, and the loss of jobs.  
Separate government from business!

Do we still need unions?....  Yes, its either that or else a lot more government regulations
because business won't act in the best interests of the workers on their own.  Why should
they?  They can make more money by squeezing the workers.  Less pay, less benefits,
longer hours, ...  And what's to stop them?

Now that I think about it, I sure dont like unions either - they are greedy, self centered,
slothful, gangsters, anti technology, anti efficiency, a source of inflation, labor monopolies,
extortionists, no social conscience, ...  I wonder if more government regulations can
effectively replace unions?  I think a social experiment is in order...


(This has to do with some peoples' misconstrued belief that the 7 day week is sacrosanct
and inviolable .)
Kluznickian Calendar has unprecedented simplicity, order and regularity, but one week
of the year, the very last week, has either 8 or 9 days.  Certain religious
say that this is not permissible, that every week must contain exactly 7 days.  (This is
important to God???)
Reforming the civil calendar is a civil matter, not a religious matter.
No one has the right to impose their religious beliefs on anyone else.
Religious freedom is a basic human right.  Separation of the church and the state is
required for that freedom to exist.  Therefore, the reform of the civil calendar should not be
influenced by
anyone's religion.   It should be devoid of any religious considerations.  
Keep the church separated from the state and the calendar of the state!


Is censorship bad?   Yes, generally.  Free speech is important to free people.
When is free speech harassment and, therefore, censurable?  
When is free speech politically incorrect and, therefore, censorable?
When is free speech vulgar or lewd or gross and, therefore, detestable?  
When is free speech a breach of national security and, therefore, treasonable?
What about slander or lies or defamation or false witness or blasphemy or ...
You can get in trouble for speaking up.
You can get in trouble for not speaking up.
You can get in trouble for lying.
You can get in trouble for telling the truth.
So what makes you think that we have free speech?
We don't even have free silence.
It's not a matter of do we or don't we have censorship, it's a matter of what kind and how

Is censorship always bad?   No, sometimes and to some extent, it is needed, to wit:
The explosion of violence in our younger society is primarily due to the enormous amount
of violence, graphic violence, gratuitous graphic violence, shown on TV and in the movies.  
Kids now accept this as the norm (it's what they normally see).
Gang violence, school violence, teen violence, kiddie violence ... They were all taught by
our "entertainment" industry.
Anyone who says that TV doesn't influence kids' moral and social values (and their general
sense of social normality) is a bloody fool.  TV has succeeded where the family, the church
and the schools have failed.
Kids, and therefore parents, are letting TV define what kids know of "normality".
And these kids are being tutored by an industry that is completely amoral.  They have a
hard time recognizing reality let alone morality.
Violence must be censored!  
We need a total ban of graphic violence on TV!
And movies, comic books, cartoons, video games...  And the Koran.
And I would just as soon have them ban graphic violence from adult books too.  

Aside from violence, I'm not too happy about them (the TV industry) passing off their ultra
liberal ideas of proper social behavior as being correct and normal.  They are the least
qualified people in the world to determine right from wrong or good from bad.  

The press isn't lily white either.  They seem to be incapable of using good judgment,
common sense, or common decency.  They don't seem to care if they needlessly harm
someone.  "COP MARRIES PROSTITUTE".  Front page.  With pictures.  Who needs this?  
Who is this serving?  
What about the press leaking military or state secrets.  Is this their right?  Is this their duty?
Or do they need some kind of censorship?  

Free speech is a myth, the first amendment not withstanding.  We don’t have free speech.  
All we have is free political speech.  Its more like free oration rather than free speech.  We
can criticize the government and they can't stop us.  But that’s all.  If you criticize someone
else, they might sue you for slander or punch you on the nose.  

Speech is not free.  Once you say it, you have to stand ready to pay for it.  

are responsible for what they say.  You are not free to say whatever you want,,,
and what you do say can be held against you, like a fist to the chops.  
There are legal
limits and there are personal limits.  Only if you avoid these limits are you
free to speak.

Speech is the most powerful force we have!  Just a few ounces of sound energy can have
an enormous effect.  “Gentlemen, start your engines.”,  “Let the games begin.”,  “We
hereby declare war.”,  “Bombs away.”,  “Charge.”  to mention a few.  


Say a developer applies for a permit to build.  Is it OK for the city or county or state to
withhold the permit until the developer agrees to include a public park at his expense, or X
number of units for low income people?
That sounds like extortion to me.   
At the very least it is government mandated welfare imposed on business.
Shouldn't we separate government from business?


By and large rehabilitation doesn't work.
Rehabilitation should not interfere with punishment.
Jail without labor is just confinement, not punishment.
Physical labor is therapeutic, beneficial to both prisoners and society, and a means to
defray the cost of internment.  But prisoners should not get one cent for it.
Unionists that object to prison labor / manufacturing should be sent to jail.
Prison trade schools - yes, after hours.
Academic classes - yes, after hours.

Jail rape is cruel and unusual punishment.  There has to be a way to prevent it.  

TV in jail is not a necessity.  It is a luxury.  And it is full of training films on crime and
violence.  Either eliminate TV or severely censor it of all action, sex and violence.  No live
TV.  Just allow replays of insipid, inane situation comedy, or morally correct inspirational,
motivational, crime doesn't pay, the good guy always wins, the good guy gets the girl (or
horse) type of stuff.

It seems to me that the old black and white barred jail clothes are both appropriate and
practical.  I would have barred pants, shirts, jackets, and even hats, hankies, underwear
and socks too.

What’s wrong with hanging?
What’s wrong with shooting?
What’s wrong with the guillotine?
Stoning, I don't think so …
They all seem better than life in prison.

People who commit murder by arson should be burned at the stake.
... by shooting, should be shot.
... by knifing, should be knifed.
Just a thought.

Abolish life-in-prison sentences.  Tho not unusual, it is cruel and needlessly expensive and
not a permanent solution to protect society from undesirable individuals.  First degree
murderers should be removed from society permanently.  Death is permanent.  Life in
prison is not.


Everyone has to die sometime.  If a person is socially unacceptable, why postpone it.

Is the individual more important than society?  Only to the individual,  not to society.  In
other words, the individual is important to society, but not more important.  What’s best for
society may conflict with what’s best for some individuals.  So be it.  So we might execute
one or two good guys.  Big deal.  Life’s not perfect.

It is absolutely mind boggling that insanity is accepted as a plea for avoiding or postponing
the death penalty.  Who cares if the guy is crazy or not.  If he is a murderer then execute
him.  Eliminate that person from our society forever.  It makes no sense to put him in an
asylum, cure him and then execute him.  It’s even worse to let him go free again to carry on
with his disposition towards killing people.  And surly you don't want to pay for his cure and
then his lifetime incarceration.  Just execute the poor sob and be done with it.

Keeping the death penalty is the right thing to do, but it does have its problems.  People
who are concerned about these problems should work to eliminate or at lease minimize the
problems, but should not eliminate the death penalty.  No matter what is done, it will not be


Majority rule means that the minority looses 100% of the time, even if it is a 49% minority.  
Shouldn't 49% of the people get their way 49% of the time?
And another thing, laws and constitutional amendments that require a 50% majority to pass
but then, of themselves, change the requirement to amend or rescind from 50% to some
higher %, are a crock.  If it takes 75% to change a law, then it should take 75% to pass the
law in the first place.   (But don't throw out prop 13.)


The Democrats are the party of motherhood - Take care of everyone in every way from
cradle to grave.  The party of the right brainers - Ideals rule; practicality be damed.  The
party of thieves - Take from the rich and give to the poor.  The party of control freaks -  
Regulate everything, everyone.  The rampant welfare party - Destroy the work ethic;
destroy the family.  The party of bizarre logic. - The next time they have a war we just wont
show up.  The party of bazaar logic - Spend, spend, spend, in fact deficit spending is even
The Democrats are the party of big government, big spending, big bureaucracy, big taxes,
lots and lots of regulations.  Just think of the big payroll it takes to have a big government.  
And where dose the money come from -- taxes, your taxes.  And just think of how that tax
money could be spent if we didn't have such a big government payroll...  
The Democrats are the party of deficit spending, inflation, printing press economics...  They
must use some really dumb economic advisors.
"We can run up the deficit, run up inflation, print more money, pass on our debt to our kids,
and then they can pay it off with devalued dollars. " However, in real life...
There’s no free lunch.  You don't get anything for nothing for very long.
"All social problems can be solved with higher taxes and more welfare."  
The Democrats want more and more welfare, but they also want bigger and better central
government and more and more deficit spending.  Consequently, after paying the interest
on the national debt and paying the salaries of the huge government and bureaucratic work
force, there isn’t much tax money left over for welfare.
Fuzzy thinkers
Fuzzy minded do-gooders
Warped minds
Ivory towered idealists
Out of touch with the real world
Narrow minded socialists
Right brain reactionaries
Way too far to the left
Socialistic, nay communistic
Big government
Big bureaucracy
Big brother
Pork barrel
Welfare for everyone, if they need it or not.
Regulate everything; everyone.
Quotas, rather than equal opportunity.
Tax, tax, tax.  
Spend, spend, spend.
Print more money.
Run up the debt.
"Business is the enemy."  
Squash business and then blame them for not producing more jobs.
Unions can do no wrong (except maybe to cause inflation, cause the deficit, and ruin
American manufacturing).
The Demos and unions can’t seem to understand that jobs come from business.  If
business is healthy then there are lots of jobs.  If business is doing poorly, then there are
fewer jobs.  Get it?

Ya better start thinking about what its going to take to make our businesses more
competitive with the foreign competition.  For starters, get the cost of government out of the
cost of  business.  Keep government out of business!  Outlaw union monopolies!  Outlaw
union collaboration.  Outlaw closed shops!  


Respect.  Its all about respect.  
Not fear, but respect.  They are two vastly different things.  Fear can be taken by force but
respect can only be given freely.  But it isn't given unless it is earned.
If you want to succeed in a white mans world, you have to gain the white mans respect.  
You have to speak like him and you have to have the same set of values, or at least no
values that conflict with his.  If you want to maintain your black heritage, that's OK but do it
at home.  And don't expect the white man to adopt black ways.  

Welfare will not solve racial discrimination.  The work ethic will.  Instant gratification will
not.  Investment in the future will.  Busing will not.  A strong family will.  Affirmative action
will not.  Equal opportunity will.  
Forget instant gratification, instant respect, instant acceptance, instant success.  Forget
preferential treatment.  Forget retribution.  Forget slavery (it is counter productive and
besides, all the responsible people are now dead).  Forget the past and put your eye on
the future.  Not your future but your kids future.
The objective is to make a better life for your kids (just like all the other "immigrants" did.)

The anti discrimination laws on the books are now adequate, so now it's up to you.
Strong families are needed to protect, support, help and encourage the kids.
Do not tolerate school violence or extortion.  Whatever it takes, do it.  Communally.  
Probably it will take privet (church) (or charter?) schools so the really bad kids can be
kicked out.  This will require public financial support for these privet schools.  So be it.
Learn English well.  If you want a job in the English speaking community, then you better
learn how to speak English well.  Best without an accent
and without affectation.
Value education.  Work and sacrifice for the kids education.  A good education enables a
chain reaction: a good job, a good income, a better neighborhood, better schools for the
kids, ...
Instill good moral values.  Join a church?
Don't build churches, build schools that house churches.
Don't have more kids than you can afford to educate.  An education is the best ticket out of
the ghetto.  
Generation one - send to trade school.
Generation two - send to collage.
Work your ass off and make it happen.  Government can't do it for you.  Nobody else can
do it for you.  You can earn respect only by doing it yourself.

And to all white people I say, remember that we are all descended from black people.  We
are all cousins.  


Legalize drugs.  But make all recipients sign a www based public register for each
purchase.  And tax it highly.