For Christ's sake do something!  Even if its wrong.  The cost of medical care is now intolerable
and it is still rising.  
Nationalize doctors.  Nationalize hospitals.  Nationalize medical research.  Nationalize medical
engineering.  Nationalize pharmacology.  Nationalize medicine.
I think lawyers are a big cause of high medical costs.  Nationalize lawyers.
Prioritize medical benefits.  There are not enough bucks for every little thing.
Legalize doctor assisted suicide.  There are too many people in the world.
Providing free health care for all citizens is an admirable objective.
But we have to somehow avoid the pitfalls that befell our predecessors, England, Canada, and
Sweden, namely poor service and high taxes.  


Intelligence is primarily a matter of nature - genes.  The brain you get from your parents is the
brain you have for the rest of your life.  Its the hardware (with some embedded software).
Nurture has to do with the care, feeding, development and the education of the brain.  The result
is the software and memories.
Nurturing, particularly at an early age, may improve IQ a bit.  Of course bad care may impair the
IQ, possibly drastically.
The point is that all the nurturing in the world will not turn a dumb kid into a smart kid.  All it can do
is develop the potential of the inherited brain to the limit of its IQ.  Once you get to the limit, its as
far as you can go.  All the hot lunches in the world and all the tutors in the world can not teach
calculus to a moron.
Nurturing develops brains; it does not create brains.  It affects knowledge not intelligence.
A few hot meals at lunch time may help the learning process but not the IQ.
Memory, understanding, reasoning, logic, deduction, extrapolation, analysis, interpretation,
perception, inspiration, invention,,, all go into the make-up of a genius.  But few people have all of
these qualities let alone all in full measure.  Just because you have one doesn't mean you have
any other.  And what you don't have cant be nurtured.  For example, have you ever met a person
that has an excellent memory but not a wit of common sense?  How about the person that is good
with words but lousy with pictures.  Engineers are just the opposite.
Well anyway, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
And don't let any blithering sociologist tell you otherwise.


What a crock.  Just like conscientious objectors.  They want the protection of the government but
they don't want participation.  What a crock.
The feds should withhold all funds to any state that has nuclear free zones.
The State should withhold all funds to any county and any city that has nuclear free zones.


It’s got to go somewhere safe.   For 20 thousand years.
And until it does, maybe we shouldn't make any more.


America is becoming a nation of fat people.  The number of obese people is huge.  The number of
morbidly obese people is alarming.  But the most alarming thing is the number of obese children.  
Something has to be done!!!  We must educate the children.  We must educate the parents.
Remove all fat food from schools:
  • No junk food.
  • Remove all candy.  Make candy an occasional treat rather than a staple.
  • Have only diet sodas.
  • Remove all vending machines.
  • Have only balanced meals.
Include courses on good health - nutrition, diet and exercise.  
And ban fat kids from acting on TV and in movies.  Only skinny kids.  We dont want kids to think
that obesity is normal or acceptable, and we certainly do not want them to have fat heros.  Fat
movie stars on child and teenage TV and movies, set a bad example.  


is vile.
What’s going to keep us from becoming like Italy?
Maybe hit squads aren’t all that bad.


I think its time to consider going to a parliamentary form of government where the president comes
from the majority party.  Clearly defined responsibility and accountability.    
What we have now are 2 parties that define the extremes - the extreme right and the extreme lift.  
There is noting in the middle. And often times we elect a president of one party and a congress of
the other party.  Consequently there is little progress, just lots of finger pointing.
Also see Line Item Veto.


The California state law that prevents some farmers from marketing their peaches because they
are not as large as some other farmers’ peaches, is infuriating.  
Some legislator should be shot.
Some lobbyist should be shot.
Some fat cat farmers should be shot.
How the hell did the rest of the legislature go along with this?
Why the hell doesn't the rest of the legislature do something about it now?
How can you let crap like this happen?


Polish and Italian jokes convey an insidious message -- Poles and Italians are dumb.
The problem is, some people are dumb enough to believe it.
It isn't funny when you are the one being insulted.


Politicians spend more time worrying about being reelected then they do on solving our problems.  
A politician will not take a stand that will lose him one or two voters.
some problems have no political solution; like making English the one and only
USA language, converting to the metric system, doing away with Affirmative Action, welfare for
illegal aliens, social security payments for immigrants who never paid into social security, ...
Eliminate reelections.  Just one term for all.


We need farm land,  wilderness,  parks,  open space,  conservation of our natural resources,  
space to live,  space to raise a family.   People need space.
We do not need crowding,  congestion,  grid lock,  over population,  pollution,  shortages,  
rationing,  hoarding,  rampant land speculation, ...
Water is going to become a bigger and bigger issue!  Especially with global warming.
There is going to come a time in the not too distant future when the world will be overpopulated.  
(Actually, I think the word is overpopulated right now.)  There are today countries in the world that
are overpopulated.  There are today areas in the USA that are overpopulated.  One such area is
the SF peninsula.
The current world
population is 6.8 billion people and doubling every 58 years!
The population is growing geometrically.  World resources are not growing at all.  They are
diminishing.  Being depleted!
There is no global population plan.
There is no global population schedule.
There is no global population enforcement agency.
We have problems!  Big big problems.  See the graph
Crowding.  Limited natural resources.  Water shortages in the West.  (Southern California taking
northern California's water.)  Farm land converted to cities.  Gridlock.  Smog.  Pollution.  
Crowding, shortages, pollution.  Crowding, shortages, pollution....
The Pope with his anti birth control stance is an enemy of the people.
Population control is a government issue.  And its not going to go away.  Its not going to solve
itself.  Its only going to get worse.  Business can’t do it. Unions can’t do it. The church won’t do it.  
Nobody can do it except the government.
 A world government!

The government should:
  • Eliminate tax deductions for kids.
  • Tax all dependent children, each year.  A flat fee independent of income.
  • Penalize overpopulaters.  Two kids per woman max.  Tax like hell for 3 or more kids.  
    Countries that are already overpopulated should have only one kid per woman max.
  • Sterilize people who are mentally incapable of rearing or supporting their young.  (Or paying
    their kid tax.)
  • Provide birth control education to everyone.
  • Provide condoms to the poor.
  • Provide abortions for the poor.
  • Provide family planning services to all.
  • Legalize doctor assisted suicide.
  • Provide city, county, state, and country planning and zoning with population limits??  It’s
    coming to that.  The population bomb is ticking away faster and faster.
  • Write a nasty letter to the Pope.
  • Determine what maximum number of people the world can sustain and then work towards
    achieving (reducing to) and maintaining that number.

Re the maximum number of people, I think that we should "regulate" it to be no larger than that  
which can survive a "normal" ice age, like the one we are in right now.  Of course no human will
survive a  severe ice age, i.e. another "snowball earth".

Politicians are the enemy too.  They want to have an ever expanding population so that there will
be an ever expanding tax base to pay off the ever expanding deficit incurred by the ever optimistic
liberal Democrats.  Penalize politicians.

Car pool lanes are a failure.  They don’t reduce congestion, they INCREASE congestion and
frustration, with no hope of ever becoming a part of a solution.  What we need is a smaller
population and more roads.  Car-pooling doesn’t work on the Peninsula.  Especially among
professional people who generally have irregular hours and can't carpool.  The only way it could
possibly work, is after a very efficient mass transportation system has been put in place.  In order
to be efficient, a mass transportation system on the peninsula would have to be massive.  Really
massive.  It will never happen.  End car pool lanes immediately.

Either widen Bayshore highway to 12 lanes or reduce the population on the peninsula.  The
government must face up to this problem.  The crowding is not going to go away by itself..  The
only way to avoid 12 lanes, and later 24, is to limit the number of cars on the road.  The only way
to do that is to limit the population -- the live-in population and the work-in population.

Thank god for prop 13.  
People moving onto the peninsula should be made to pay a big price -- huge property taxes.  Go
home.  Stay away.
New construction should be taxed astronomically.
Renovations that do not increase living units nor floor space should be untaxed.
Reductions of living units should generate tax credits.
The number of available water and other utility hook-ups should be regulated.  Based on the
average number of cars per hour per lane on Bayshore?
Peninsula wide zoning should limit the space available for business and industry,
And regulate the maximum number of employees per zone???  
Ditto for residential areas.
And leave some open space and have some parks, even in the flat lands.
Erect border walls and gates;  issue passports???

Eliminate deductions for kids.  
Tax kids.
Tax the hell out of families with more than 2 kids.

We need long term community planning.  Long term city, county, bay area, other interconnected
areas, state and country planning.  We need parks, wilderness, open space, farm land,
uncongestion...  We need population limits for all of the above and the means to control those


The stamps you buy for first class postage of personal mail should be good forever.  That is, they
should be sufficient for mailing a letter regardless of how much you paid for them, and regardless
of the current price of such stamps.
Introduce a new stamp called: “First Class Postage For Personal Mail That Doesn’t Exceed The
Weight Limit”, or maybe just “Basic Postage”.  No price is to be printed on this stamp.  The cost of
this stamp may change from time to time, but the stamp stays essentially the same.  And is
sufficient, all by itself, to post a letter,,, for ever and ever more.
This should save the post office millions.  Now they can change the price of the stamps without
having to bare the cost of publishing a new stamp.  
Think of the hassles it would save.   What a pain in the butt to put two stamps on an envelope.  
What a pain to have to go out and buy additional stamps that the post office never has when a
price hike first becomes effective.

Thank god the PO came out with the Forever Stamp in 2009.  They must have read my web site.

PROP 187:

It is absolutely amazing that some people think we should support (i.e. aid and abet) illegal aliens.

RELIGION:  Click on it.


I am no longer a republican.  I did not vote to reelect WMD Bush 2.  I will not return until they:
  • become more moderate,
  • get rid of the intransigent Tea Party,
  • get rid of all Republican intransigence,
  • denounce a flat tax,
  • raise the tax rate of the super rich,
  • raise the tax rate for capital gains,
  • reduce the deficit each term,
  • separate the party from religion,  (See "Religion" above.)
  • get religion out of politics and government,
  • become more green,
  • get a social conscience,
  • admit that science is right about global warming,
  • eliminate political donations from corporations and unions,
  • get a candidate with a 3 digit IQ.  
Get out of religion!
Get rid of the Christian fundamentalists.  Put them back in their churches.
Stem cells - yes.  "Sacred" embryos - no.  The world has too many embryos.  
School prayer - no.
Creationism - no.
Abortion rights - yes.
Right to die - yes.
Doctor assisted suicide - yes.
Flat tax - hell no.  It’s just another rich man’s rip-off.
The GOP is way too far to the right.
Republicans are left brainers. The extreme right wing is all bottom line; no room for aesthetics,
beauty, idealism, social welfare, people skills, ....  They are all crafts and no arts.  
And they steal from the poor and give to the rich.  (The Trickle Up theory.)
We need a second, more moderate, Republican party.  Especially in California.
The California GOP is stupid.  It is so far to the right that it can’t even see center field.
We need environment.
We need wilderness.
We need a social conscience.
We need welfare.
We need social security insurance.
We need business regulation.
English only - yes.
Metric system - yes.
Illegal immigration - no.
Individual rights - yes.
Personal initiative - yes.
Equal opportunity - yes.
Quotas - no.
Affirmative action - no.
Equal rights - yes.
States rights - yes, but some things have to be the same in all states.
No or low inflation - yes.
Balanced budget - yes.
Social security reform - yes.
Tax reform - yes.
Line item veto - yes.
Parliamentary form of government - maybe?
Deficit reduction - yes.
Smaller government - yes.
Get out of religion!
Get religion out of politics!
Get religion out of public schools!
Get religion out of government!
Go hug a tree.


Euthanasia makes sense when death becomes more desirable then life.
Making suicide a crime is dumb.
Making assisted suicide a crime is even dumber.
Legalize doctor assisted suicide!
Not just for sick people but also for anyone who is tired of living.
Old people need all the help they can get.