Fatherless families damn kids, especially boys but girls too.  
Allowing singles to adopt kids is ridiculous.
Allowing gays to adopt kids is super ridiculous.
Isn't anyone considering the welfare of the kids?


The Republican Party must have a social conscience.  It cant be just business.
Should we abdicate all social legislation to the Democrats?  Hell no.
We need welfare.
We need social security.
We need environmental protection.
We need laws to protect people from unscrupulous business.


First check out
Social Security Notes.
Roosevelt had a good idea - mandatory retirement insurance.  But then he screwed it all up in
the implementation - he gave money away to people who never contributed.
Revise SS to be for only those who have contributed.
With benefits paid in proportion to ones contributions and age at retirement.
No tax on SS.   We already paid through the nose for it with dollars that were already taxed.
No reduction for external income.  If someone earns SS, give him what he has earned.
Why stop paying SS tax when wages get to 62,000$?  So you can save rich people some
money?  That’s BS.  SS tax (7.65%) should apply to ALL earnings!
Either revise SS or make it voluntary.
Or eliminate it and replace it with a mandatory retirement IRA paid for by the worker and
administered by the employer.


are pathetic.  Not at all objective or scientific.  
They are generally liberal arts twits with a sophomoric sociological agenda that they hope to
foist off on the public with the use of ill conceived quasi scientific experiments that amount to
nothing more than smoke and mirrors with dry-lab'd data to support their predetermined
conclusions.  Then, to make matters worse, no other sociologist ever bothers to check the
validity of their experiments, the data, or the conclusions, by repeating the experiments.  The
sociology community simply accepts the data as fact and moves on from there to build bigger
and better blivits.

They should never let a Democrat be a sociologist.
They should never let a feminist be a sociologist.
They all come up with dumb answers to simple questions that most other people solved by
casual observation while they still had acne.

"Everyone has the same basic brain, therefore, everyone has the same intelligence."
"Intelligence can be improved without bound by the quality and quantity of instruction."
"Intelligence can be improved without bound by a nurturing welfare infused family."
"If you spend enough money on welfare, you can raise the IQ of anyone to anything.  More
money, more IQ."
"God would not have it otherwise."
"You can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, if you spend enough money."
"The only significant difference between boys and girls is the toys they play with."
"Women have the same basic brains as men therefore they think alike."
Are you buying any of this?

Intelligence is mostly a matter of nature not nurture.  
Education is mostly a matter of nurturing a persons innate intelligence.
It takes genes to have intelligence.  
All the training and nurturing in the world won’t turn a moron into an Einstein no more than it
would change a paraplegic into a gifted athlete.  If you don't have what it takes, then you can’t
be what other more gifted people can become, given suitable nurturing.


A flat tax rate is another rich man’s rip-off.  A progressive tax rate makes a lot more sense - the
haves helping out the have-nots.  The more you have the more you should help.  19% of 10K$
is one hell of a lot, whereas 19% of 200K$ is hardly noticeable (there is still 162K$ left over).  
Even if the guy making 200K$ paid 38% tax, he would still have 124K$ after taxes compared
to 8.1K$ for the 10K$ wage earner.  People who don't make much money cant afford to have
any of it taken away, while some people make so much money, they are astronomically rich in

In my humble opinion, we should have a smooth mathematical curve that defines the tax rate
for all incomes.  (See
www.kluznick.com/Taxation)  This curve should progress so that the
higher your income is, the higher your tax rate is, but not too high.  One such curve is given
by:  TaxRate% = log(Income$/a, b), in Excel math, where "a" is a scaling constant and "b" is
the base of the log.  Constant
a and log base b were adjusted to make the curve fit the 2010
tax rate schedule.  You can see this curve by downloading an Excel program by clicking on
Tax Rate Curve.  The fit is not exact but close enough.  (Further refinement is possible.)  
Notice that the curve for the 2010 Tax Schedule flattens out to a rate of 35% for incomes over
~4M$/yr.  So rich guys do have a flat tax of 35% on any income over ~4M$!  (Only 1% earn
more than 350k$, but many of those earn much, much more, like entertainment celebrities, pro
ball players, top level executives, and some politicians.)  Also notice that I have proposed a
new tax law, the right hand red curves, that do not top out at 35% but at 50%, for incomes
over ~35M$/yr.  90% was too much, 35% is too little, 50% is much more reasonable.  What do
you think?

Kids should be taxed, not deducted.  
Parents should pay a user fee for use of the schools.  
We need fewer babies not more.  Eliminate the incentives to have babies rather than increase
them.  Increasing the amount of the deduction for kids is the exact opposite of what we should
do, you dummies.

I am a college graduate yet I have a very hard time reading and understanding tax forms.  Both
the tax laws and the tax forms are too complicated.  Simplify.  KISS.

Estimating future income is sometimes impossible and always a pain.  How the hell can you
predict what the stock market will do?  If I knew that I would be a hell of a lot richer.  Estimating
what I will get on my fixed pension is easy; estimating income from my stock account is
impossible!  And then the government has the gall to fine you for wrong estimates!  Thats BS!  
Penalties on wrong guesses are unfair.
I really hate paying taxes 4 times a year.  I hate having to estimate what taxes I should pay.  I
would hate it even more if I had to calculate my tax quarterly.  Down with estimated taxes on
personal income.  Go back to year-end taxes for individuals.    Both Fed and State.

State tax returns should be done by a post card size form.  Just pay X% of your Fed tax.   If
some people have more complicated tax situations, let them, and only them, fill out more
complicated forms.   Fire 90% of the state FTB and reduce taxes.  

Taxing Social Security benefits is adding insult to injury.  SS is money that we paid into the
system from income that had already been taxed. You don’t tax the principle part of any other  
investment do you?  You should only tax the interest earned,  which is probably negative.  You
should pay me for loss of principle instead of double taxing my remaining principle.  It would
have been much better if I could have invested the money in the market or even in an
insurance annuity.

Taxing pensions isn’t nice either.  The cost  to retire  is very high.  It is damn hard to scrape up
enough to do it. Taxing wages is fair, but after a lifetime of paying taxes and saving for
retirement, there should come a time when you can sit back and enjoy life.  But how can you
when ever increasing inflation and taxes are gobbling up your pension and SS.  My pension
doesn’t have a COLA provision, so that makes life even tougher.  

Do the following:
  • Eliminate the tax on SS income.  
  • Apply the SS tax on all wages not just the first 62,000$.
  • Eliminate the tax on pensions.
  • Freeze property taxes after age 65.  Retired people don't have any more kids to send to
    school and they don’t have wages that keep up with inflation.
  • Eliminate the reduction of SS benefits for coincidental income.  If someone has earned
    SS then give him what he has earned.  Christ, it’s his money, give it to him.
  • Eliminate all exemptions.   (Hell, we should tax kids not exempt them.)
  • Eliminate all deductions except for the expenses of earning money.  (Welfare and
    Medicare should be separate from the IRS.)
  • Eliminate estimated tax payments.   Just report and pay taxes once a year.
  • Or else make estimated earnings for individuals apply only to wages.  But hell, we
    already have mandatory income tax deductions taken from our wages.  So just drop the
    estimating crap for individuals.
  • Simplify the tax forms.
  • Use plain English.  Do not have an accountant or a lawyer design tax forms.
  • Keep inflation low  or zero.  Actually, a little deflation would be nice.
  • Nationalize medicine.
  • Reduce SS roles by eliminating anyone who has not paid into it.
  • Reduce SS roles by legalizing doctor assisted suicide.
  • Reduce SS expenses by only paying out to an individual in proportion to what he paid in.

Thank god for prop 13.  Without it, ever increasing property taxes would force retired people
to move out of the house and the neighborhood that they lived in all their lives to go to
cheaper and cheaper locals.  Retirement ghettos instead of retirement communities.....


Teenagers are rebels.  They are into rebelling against parents and any other form of
authority.  And they do it in a very juvenile way.  Its the only way they know.  They disagree,
they disobey, they discredit, they shock, they destroy, they revolt.  They go to great lengths to
be different from adults - their talk, their clothes nay costumes, their affectations, their jewelry,
there hair styling, their grungy grooming, their loud “music”...  They are revolting.  
Teenagers are short on logic and long on rationalization.  They think they know better than
their parents.  So, in their juvenile way, they revolt.  

They are going through a change of life.  Natures biggest.  Its nature’s way to get the kids to
flee the nest and get out on their own.
So what do the sensitive, caring bleeding heart parents do?  They understand.  They make
allowances.  They condone.

For Christ’s sake, considering the great deal of effort that the kids expend at being obnoxious,
you owe them the decency of a frank and honest response.  If they shock you, then be
shocked.  If they revolt you, then be revolted.  be annoyed.  be enraged.  be honest.  You owe
them that.  Otherwise you send them the wrong message or at least you deny them of the
lesson that they must take responsibility for their actions.  You also owe it to the rest of
If you the parent abandon your authority to teen peer pressure or just plain laziness, then
society has to pay the consequences.  
The Army works just fine, but we don't have universal military training.
Society should not put up with being annoyed.  Society should not put up with obnoxious kids
or lazy parents.  If they are going to be annoying, then they deserve a good swift kick in the

TERM LIMITS:  Yes, just one.


We need swift trials and sure punishment;   special prosecutors;  special
courts;  tribunals - not a jury.
Bombing and the like is not a civilian activity, its military in nature.
Court marshal them.
A punishment to fit the crime:  5 years in prison, but, at the end of each of the first four years
blow off a limb.  The fifth year, blow off their heads.
Bring back the guillotine?


Tips for food service etc are inflation proof!  When the cost of a dinner goes up X%, then the
dollar value of the tip increases by the exact same percentage - X%.  Waiters tip earnings are
COLAed!  Alleluia!  So then, why did tips increase from 10% to 15%, to 20$, ... as inflation
increased???  Inflation causes everyone's wages to be devalued, except waiter's tips. So why
in the hell where tips increased from 10% to 15% ...???  I guess we have to conclude that the
average American is stupid when it comes to simple mathematics.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.

10% has been considered a reasonable tip for more than 100 years.  There is absolutely no
reasonable reason for it to be any different today.  


a national disgrace.
Take the T out of AFT.
Put it under Food and Drugs.
Have the FDA require a prescription for Tobacco, or just ban it outright.
At least outlaw cigarette machines.
Eliminate the tobacco farmers’ subsidy.
Outlaw the plant.
Outlaw the manufacture of tobacco products.
Outlaw the import and/or export of tobacco and tobacco products.
In light of the Surgeon Generals pronouncements about tobacco, the industries' executives are
nothing less than common criminals and should be prosecuted as such.
Outlaw indoor smoking everywhere.  Yes, even in privet homes.  Children and spouses should
have some rights too.  Yes, even in bars.  Nonsmokers have the right to go to bars too.  
The right to smoke is a myth.  No one should have the right to contaminate the air that others


Traditions that still make sense are not bad.
Traditions that no longer make sense
are bad.
Traditions that stifle creativity
are bad.
Traditions that stifle progress
are bad.
Traditions that stifle improvement
are bad.
Traditions that stifle innovations
are bad
Traditions that stifle corrections
are bad.
People who insist on tradition for the sake of tradition are like fundamentalists...

“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot
understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but
honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.”
— Albert Einstein



Feather-bedding Luddites.
Destroyed American manufacturing industries.
Unions were necessary.  But now they have gone way too far.
They are now total pigs.  More, more, more is all they know.  
Do as little as possible and ask for more money.  Disrupt production; its fun.  Maximize the
amount of time it takes to do a job.  Maximize the number of people it takes to do a job.  
Maximize the number of different unions it takes to do a job.  
They have no social conscience:  "Screw the rest of society.  I don't care what happens to
anyone else in the rest of the country, all I want is more, more, more, for me, me, me, and of
course, for less, less, less."
Total pigs.  Real oinkers.
And dumb too.  Look at the companies they put out of business.  The dumb shits put
themselves out of work.
Now we have a labor rate that is out of line with the rest of the world.  
And guess who pays for their high wages?
The American people are not only subsidizing their over-priced labor, we are also paying off
the deficit due to the trade unbalance that is caused by their over priced labor.
I wonder why we don't do manufacturing in the USA any more?
How come everyone in America is now a do-it-yourself handy man?
How come union workers produce low quality crap?
How come workers never clean up after themselves anymore?
Pride of workmanship and the work ethic are down the toilet.
Skill and craftsmanship are made secondary to seniority.
Unions are like the worst of the welfare recipients,  they want something for nothing.
They don't want fare compensation, they want redistribution of the wealth.
First they cause inflation and then they want more money because of inflation.  Yes they do.  
As long as business does not have a  monopoly, they must compete with other companies.  
They will always try to under price the competition.  Competition is an engine of deflation.  
Increasing costs, as in labor costs, is a cause of inflation.  Do labor unions compete with one
No.  They are monopolies.  They ban together to thwart a free market place for labor
services.  Their coordinated strikes are nothing less then blatant extortion.
We need competition among unions not collusion.
Pilots, plumbers, truck drivers,,, get ridiculous wages.  Way out of line with other jobs.  How
did this happen?  Union extortion.
They don't know business or economics, and they have no more social conscience than
business does.  Do they need to be regulated too?
Should they concern themselves with management's wages?  Hell no.  That is the business of
the owners.
Should they be able to expect or demand profit sharing?  Hell no.  Laborers provide a service,
for which they get paid a wage.  Period.  Workers get wages weather or not the company
makes a profit.  Workers don't risk their capital.  Workers don't share losses.  Why should they
share profits?  Profits should go to those who own the company, those who put up and risk
their money.  If the worker does good, he gets his pay and he keeps his job.  If he duz bad
then he still gets paid but he should then be fired.  If he wants more money he should either do
more work or do better work than his fellow workers who are being paid the going rate.  If a
worker wants to share in the profits, he should share the risks - he should buy stock or start
his own company.  Workers get wages.  Only owners get profits or bare losses.  You want a
piece of the action, you put up your money.
That's not to say that management can’t decide on their own to give bonuses, if they think it is
in the best interest of the company.  But it should be their decision and theirs alone.
The bottom line is that unions need regulating.
No sympathy strikes.
No closed shops.
No profit sharing requirements.
No feather bedding.
No monopolizing.
No required membership.
Management free to hire and fire.
Management free to improve productivity with new technology.
Competition among unions.


Come 18, everyone goes into the service.  The regular army.  Infantry.  And gets 6 months to
a year of  training / active duty.  Before collage.  Before OCS.  Before specialized training.  
Before transferring to other branches.
Thereafter, everyone is in the reserves for 20 years.
Citizenship requires duty.
The only way to make it fair is for almost everyone to serve.  Even conscientious objectors -
they can close their eyes when they pull the trigger.  (Render unto Caesar...)
Quadriplegics don't have to go.
GI bill for all.  One year of school for every year of active service,  up to 4 years.


"War is not the answer!"
Accept terrorism?
Accept domination?


Does the world owe you a living?  Does your government?  Hell no, two times.
The government does not owe its citizens a living.  The government provides order and
security.  Business (not government) is for jobs.  Church (not government) is for religion.
But yes, we must have welfare for those who can’t help themselves.  However, people who
are lazy, obstinate, unwilling to change, or who think that it is their god given right to be
catered to, should be left to their own devices.  
For the majority of people, welfare should be a temporary thing, not a way of life.
Break the welfare ethic.
Unemployment insurance should be paid out in proportion to money paid in.
Social Security should be paid out in proportion to money paid in.
People on welfare should not have the right to vote.
People on welfare should be made to ware an armband or a scarlet
W on their shirts.
Forget subsides.  Forget food stamps.  What’s wrong with soup kitchens?  Staffed by welfare
What’s wrong with public works projects?  It worked for Roosevelt.  And he was a Democrat.  
So the unions are against it.  They don't give a damn about what is good for society, they only
care about what is good for themselves.  Screw the unions.
Welfare for non citizens is ridiculous.
Welfare for non English speaking non citizens is more ridiculous.
We could have more funds available for welfare if we didn’t have such a large interest
payment to make on the national debt.  Balance the budget.  Pay down the debt.  Reduce the
trade deficit.
We could have more funds available for welfare if we didn’t have such a large government
bureaucracy to pay for.  Reduce the size of government.
Business should not be the stuckee for welfare.  Government is the responsible agency.  
Mandated business welfare just adds to the cost of products which in turn adds to the trade
deficit problem.  


Equal pay for equal work - yes.  
His/her grammar - no.  (Its frivolous and irritating.)
Integration of men's clubs - no.  (Go integrate the NFL.)
Women guards in men's prisons - utterly asinine, unless they wear pink dresses and go
around making the inmates happy.
Women cops:  As special cops - yes.  As regular cops - no.  
Women firemen - hell no.  
Women sports casters - what for?  Certainly not because women like sports as much as men.
Women reporters in men’s locker rooms - only if men can go into women’s locker rooms.
Women just-about-anything-else - sure, why not, just as long as they are physically qualified.  

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars.  
Men and women are two different animals.  They don't look alike, they don't act alike, and they
don't even think alike.  Viva la difference.  
Estrogen vs. testosterone.
Sugar and spice vs. puppy dog tails.
Do women have puppy dog tails?
Women are nurturing, caring, sensing, feeling; while men are aggressive, insensitive, horny
oafs.  (We can’t help it.)
Women build homes.  Men build houses.
Etc., etc., etc.
Men and women are different !!!

For 5 million years, since hominids split off from the great apes, and probably long before, men
have acted like men and women have acted like women, until now.  Now women want to act
like men, and, they want men to act like women.  

The world needs women,  but we don't need women acting like men.  They are called lesbians.
The name Feminists is really a misnomer.  They should be called Masculinists since they want
to make women more like men.  
Women who wear men's' clothing (hats, vests, coats, ties) are queer or silly.
Most feminists are chauvinistic.
Hyphenated last names are silly, unless both the father’s and  the mother’s maiden names are
used.  In fact it makes more sense to just use the mother's last name - everyone knows who
their mother is...  (Why haven’t the feminists jumped on this one?)

What is it about women and toilet seats?  They dont seem to be able to put the seat down for
themselves.  Too dumb?  Too weak?
Poor helpless women can’t do math and can’t do toilet seats.

Women have little upper body strength.
Women should not demand to do things that require upper body strength.
Women should not be football players.
Women should not be boxers.
Women should not be wrestlers.
Women should not be regular cops.
Women should not be firemen.

Men and women are different !!!
And they should act that way.

Homo sapians have been around for over 200 thousand years and yet -
Men still do not understand women.
And women still do not understand men.
This is sad.  I think?  I dont know, maybe its better that way???
Originated in 1989
Last amended: