DUTIES OF THE RC CHAIRMAN

1. Meetings:
1.1  Board Meeting -  Report activities.  Request support, like a gas grill for the beer-can
races.  Run club.
1.2  Membership Meeting -  Report activities.  Advertise.  Recruit.
1.3  Skipper's Meeting -  Wind, tide and current forecasts, sign-ups, set divisions?, pick
courses?, sync watches, special instructions, perform marriages, announcements, push RC
boats, hand out course sheets, rules, RC boat work forms, ...
1.4  RC Meeting -  Topics: courses, handicaps, marks, RC boats, scoring, trophies, SBYRA,
YRA, RC equipment, schedule, special races, records, protests, rules, fliers, budget, beer
cans,  on-the-water RC, publicity, mail, announcements, clinics, parties, ...

2.  Courses - (Nick Kluznick)  Add, delete or change as the need arises.

3. Handicaps - (Dave Few)  As required for exceptions to the PHRF requirement.

4.  Marks -  Paint and inspect each mark yearly.  Replace marks and/or ground tackle as
needed.  (Size ground tackle for a hundred year storm during a hundred year flood with a
hundred year RC boat.)  (RC boat mooring: 150# Danforth + 30' of 5/8" chain [3/4" = better] +
20' of 1/2" chain + a swivel between chains.  Turning marks:  22# Danforths with the same
chain schedule sans swivel.)

5.  RC Boats -  It is the obligation of every racing skipper to take his turn at RC boat duty,
including providing the crew as well as the boat.  Post sign-up sheets as early as possible.  
Rag deadbeats.  Use power boats as much as possible so sailboats can race.  Keep and
publish an on-going record.  Give non-racers a gratuity.  Recruit and train a cadre of
on-the-water RC members to man non-racer RC boats.  Check with the membership chairman
for interested RC boat skippers.  Advertise in monthly fliers.  Make announcements at each
skippers meeting.  ¿Do not give a trophy to or do not even score any boat that doesn't take his

6.  Scoring -  (Dave, Billy, Nick)  Calculate the results of each CPYC race.  Post the results at
the bar.  Provide copies to the trophy chairman, Coyote's Bay, Dave Few, and the RC

7.  Trophies (or else points redeemable @ X $/pt) -  Get a trophy chairman to buy, get
engraved and hand out trophies.  Engrave: name of boat, place, name of race, and date.  
Annual trophy dinner?  Participation placks?  Recycle old trophies.  Keep records of results
(SBYRA as well as CPYC), costs, and awards.  Maintain the perpetual trophies: add placks as
needed; polish.

8.  SBYRA REP -  Pick 1 or 2 people to represent CPYC.  Get a report of each meeting.

9.  YRA REP -  (Rear Commodore)  Represent CPYC at the YRA and take care of RC and
protest committees and trophies for any YRA races that are sponsored by CPYC.  Get a report
of all meetings.  Take charge of any other extra special races at CPYC, like the Sunfish

10.  RC Boat Equipment - (Roger Roe)  Maintain equipment: Inflatable marks, flags, gun, plus
white board and markers.  Buy shells.

11.  Schedule - (Nick Kluznick)  Make a new schedule once a year, usually in Nov or Dec.  
SBYRA will have races on weekends that include the 3rd Saturday of the month, unless there
are over-riding circumstances, like low tides.  We should have one serious club race each
month of the year not counting the SBYRA races that we sponsor.  Special races and SBYRA
races should be in addition to these races and not instead of.  The year's schedule should be
included in a CPYC mailing ASAP!  Do not wait for the year book to be published; it is always
late.  Also post it.

12.  Special Races (Such as Turkey, Ladies, O'Grady, night, Jack & Jill, and the Barth
race/cruise) -  Recommend that an ad hoc chairman be enlisted for each race to handle all:  
publicity, RC boat, trophies, party, etc.  Special races and clinics should be in addition to the
regular once a month serious CPYC aces rather than instead of.

13.  Invitationals (Larry Knight, Little Lipton, San Leandro, etc.) -  Select and invite a boat(s) to
represent CPYC.  Publicize.  Have a sail-off to select.?

14.  Protests -  Provide a committee on the spot if possible;  schedule one if not.  Keep a file of
all USYRU appeals, as well as a current rule book.  Join USYRU so can get appeals.

15.  RC Boat Crew -  Recruit and train a standing RC boat crew to use with power boats or
anyone else who needs them.  Advertise in the Bay.  Post sign-up sheets.  Ask for help in the
monthly fliers, membership meetings, ...

16.  Fliers -  A flier MUST be sent in EACH monthly club mailing, telling of the coming race(s),
soliciting RC boats and crew, ...  Communicate with the masses.

17.  Race Rules -  Review and amend as needed.  We presently use the SBYRA standing
race instructions so changes have to be run through the SBRYA organization.  The rules for
combining divisions are our own.

18.  Records -  Maintain records of race results, committee boats, trophy awards, trophy costs,
budgets, schedules, fliers, mark maintenance, protests and their results, correspondence, ...  
We need a small file cabinet for these and a rule book, appeals book, RC Management
Handbook, mark maintenance log, etc.

19.  Beer Can Races -  Push BC races.  Schedule, post fliers, advertise, promote with the
board,  use the Coyote's Bay, ...

20.  Repro -  Maintain piles of Sign-Up sheets,  RC boat work sheets, course sheets, standing
race instructions, schedules, protest forms, and applications to race SBYRA and CPYC.

21.  RC Room -  Maintain bulletin board and RC closet.  Post crew wanted and crew available
lists, RC boat sign-up list, schedules, fliers, ...

22.  Budget -  Prepare RC budget.

23.  Parties -  Kickoff parties?  Trophy parties?  End of season?  End of race?  Special races?  
Ad hoc it.

RPK  10-29-94