1.  Religious Freedom:

This is a biggie, a big, BIG biggie!    
Lord save us from religion.
We need freedom
of religion and freedom from religion.   
Keep religion out of government!  Totally!   Absolutely!
Separation of the church and the state.…..
Render unto Caesar….

People should get their religion from the
church of their choice, not their government, not their
political party, and not their public schools.  And not their civil calendar.

Religion is a personal thing, a matter of opinion.  Let each person be free to choose whatever
religion they think is right for them, just as long as they and their church do not infringe upon the
rights of anyone else.
No one has the right to impose their religious beliefs, customs, or habits on anyone
Or from the positive point of view - Everyone has the right to be totally free from
religious impositions!!!
Take note Republicans!!  Take note Christian fundamentalists!  Take note Muslim fundamentalists!  
Jewish fundamentalists too!  And calendar reformers!

From the beginning:
Freedom of religion is a basic human right.  
Freedom of religion requires freedom from religion.  
Freedom from religion requires separation of the church and the state.   

Freedom of religion means that you are free to choose what you want to believe and what you do
not want to believe.  No one else, no preacher, no rabbi, no Republican, nor ayatollah, can tell you
what you must believe or not believe, or what you must do or not do, based on their religion.  In other
words, in order to have freedom of religion you must also have freedom from religion, even from your
own religion.  Therefore, freedom from religion is also a basic human right.  
Everyone has the right to be totally free from religious impositions.!!!

In order to have freedom of and from religion, there must be separation of the church and the state.  
(This is just a statement of the obvious but it needs to be stated because some people are oblivious
to the obvious.)  Therefore, separation of the church and the state is also a basic human right!  
No government has the right to impose religion on anyone, or to deny anyone of
their religious freedom or any of their other UN mandated human rights!!!
This human right is very important to world peace.  To see why, just look at the history of those
states that have clerics in politics and government - especially the Muslim states.  Over the past
hundred years or more, they have had more human rights violations, have been involved in more
wars, have more terrorists, and have exported more terrorism,  then any of the other nations in the
See:  http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html  for a list of UN human rights.
Also see:  
For the U.S. Constitution and it's Amendments see:

And, unless the state can accommodate everyone's religious opinions, including Atheist's, Muslim's,
and Pagan's, then it should cater to none.  In other words -  
The state governing process
should be completely devoid of religious considerations!!!
All of the churches must conform to the laws of the state, not vice versa.   Churches must render
unto Caesar...

And all of the clergy and all of the congregations of all of the churches must conform to the laws of
the state.
"Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."  What
this means for clergy and congregations is, God may own your soul but your body belongs to
Caesar, and your body better do whatever Caesar says.  
The state takes precedence over God and church as long as you are alive.  

Separation of the church and the state requires that -
Churches and their clergy** must not have any civil authority whatsoever.  (Well,
maybe weddings are OK.)
and their clergy**:
  • Must be barred from politics and from government, both elected and appointed**.
  • Must be barred from preaching politics.
  • Must be barred from making political contributions.  
  • Must obey all civil laws.
  • Must not deny anyone of their human rights especially freedom of religion, freedom of speech,  
    and the equality of women.
  • Must not have any corporal punishment.  
  • Must not inflict violence on anyone.  Ever.  Except in Hell.
  • Must not sanction the mutilation of women.  
  • Must not have any church laws that are superior to or in conflict with any civil laws.  
  • Must not have religious police or religious vigilantes.
  • Must not have armed forces - militia, terrorists, death squads, assassins...
  • Must not sanction holy wars, terrorism, holy murders, or any other religious violence.  
Clergy who preach politics should be fined.
Clergy who preach civil disobedience should be fined or arrested.  
Clergy who preach, aid or abet terrorism should be arrested for terrorism.
Clergy who espouse holy murders, holy wars or any other church violence, should be arrested.
Churches that preach or condone religious violence should be banned!  
    ** No one can serve two masters at the same time!  If a cleric wants to serve in the state
    government then he should first have to resign from serving in the church government (ie quit
    the ministry) and vacate all vows of obedience and loyalty thereto. (Likewise, they should not
    be a citizen of any other state.)  They must do what is best for the state rather than what is best
    for the church.  We should enact a federal law that says this!

Talk about your human rights, freedom from religion should be right up there near the top, right after
freedom from slavery.
Religious freedom is a basic human right and separation of the church and the state is required for
that freedom to exist.  
The United States should champion that human right and, therefore,
the worldwide separation of the church and the state.
We should start off by amending our own constitution to
explicitly require the separation of the
church and the state and to ban all clergy from politics and government.  
There will never be world peace without first having worldwide religious freedom
and separation of the church and the state!!!

We should continue to remove religion from our politics, our government, and our schools, including
all of the above plus:
  • Revise the calendar to make Sunday the last day of the week, per ISO standard 8601.
  • Remove all religious artifacts from government - bibles, crosses, all-seeing eyes, Masonry
    symbols, religious slogans...
  • Ban religion from public schools, including school prayers, intelligent design theory, and the
    biblical creation myth.

If you want to keep school prayer, then you have to accommodate
everyone's religious point of view,
including atheists, Muslims, Pagans...  Its either that or you must declare a state religion.
    (For Christ's sake don't make it Christianity with their history of intellectual suppression,
    especially science, suppression of women, censorship, book burning, witch burning, heretic
    burning, the inquisition, torture, corporal punishment, religious wars, atrocities, ...  Religious
    violence is religious evil.  And it is despicable.)
Why not just have prayers in the church of your choice and keep our public schools free from
religious worship?

  • Everyone has the right to believe in the god of their choice, but no one has the right to impose
    their religious beliefs, customs or habits on anyone else.  
  • No church has the right to inflict violence or corporal punishment on anyone, nor to deny
    anyone of their basic human rights, including their own clerics and parishioners.   
  • We should ban new Muslim mosques in the USA until such time as they revise the Koran, etc.,
    to denounce and forbid all religious violence, and until they endorse all UN listed human rights!
  • Sharia (Muslim religious law) should have no legal standing in the USA.  Ban Sharia from the
    USA legal system.  Better yet, ban all use of Sharia in America.  All US citizens should have
    access to the US legal system and no church should be able to usurp that right.  All US laws
    take precedence over all church laws!  Google Sharia law in America.  
  • Mr. Pope, you have to: a) give women equality, b) ban all clergy from politics and government,
    c) denounce and purge all violence from the Bible, d) purge the clergy of all pedophiles, e)
    allow the use of condoms for both disease control and birth control, f) allow all forms of birth
    control, to reduce overpopulation, and g) allow abortions (a woman's body belongs to her, not
    the church and not the government).  
  • Religious fundamentalists are screwing up the world - especially Moslem fundamentalists, but
    Christian and Jewish fundamentalists too.
  • Muslim cleric rulers are screwing up Muslim countries.
  • Amend the US constitution to explicitly require separation of the church and the state, and to
    ban all clergy from politics and government.  
  • We need worldwide separation of the church and the state, a worldwide ban of all clergy from
    politics and government, especially in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and a worldwide ban on
    corporal punishment.  

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