West Coast Stops
Hi guys.  Things look a bit better today.  Saturday’s forecast now is for 20 knots.  No
problem.  It will get to 30 kt+ the next day and then ease off a bit.  We should be able to
average 5 knots (I think?) ground speed against a 25 kn wind.  If we did 5 knots all the way
nonstop, we would get to Neah Bay in the St of San Juan de Fuca, in 6 days.  I hope we
will do better.  

Just for your edification, the following list shows you the places we could pull in if the
daylight and tide and weather are right:
1.        Drakes Bay, anchor, 60 nm from the GGB
2.        Fish Rock, anchor, 60 nm fm #1.
3.        Shelter Cove, anchor, 80 nm fm 2.
4.        Humboldt Bay, Eureka, HR, 40nm fm #3.
5.        Crescent City, HR, 60 nm fm 4.
6.        Port Orford, anchor, 60 nm fm 5.
7.        Coos Bay, HR, 45 nm fm 6.
8.        Newport, Bar, 80 nm fm 7.
9.        Gray’s Harbor, Bar, 140 nm fm 8.
10.        La Push, Bar, 70 nm fm 9.
11.        Neah Bay, 60 nm fm 10.
In the above, Anchor means that we don’t have to cross a bar to get in, just anchor behind
a headland, but we still need daylight; HR is Harbor of Refuge, ie an all-weather port;  Bar
means that we will have to cross a bar to get into the harbor and that means that we will
have to have daylight, the right tide, and the bar has to be “open” ie not-too-heavy weather.

So as of today, Sat is a go.  I’ll keep an eye on the weather.

See you Sat.